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How To Enjoy YouTube Video Offline

This is the age of communication and with its induction! Android handset revolutionized this age in lots of spheres. Android phone has opened new venues for you to enjoy your moments almost in every state of your life except for having a good night sleep. While it offers you the opportunity to capture memorable moments of your life through the lens, it also connect you with your family and friends apart from some real fun out there, like playing games, listening to your preferred music and watching videos on and off-line.

This power pack of lots of innovative supports and features entices the video crazy users to download and watch the video offline even. This not even saves them from time, botheration, also it saves them from the extra cost of prolonging Internet use! This is awesome indeed.

What you need most for doing so is having a high-speed Net connection, this makes it effortless to download and watch the desired YouTube videos off-line on your handset, and it would be a demanding task to buffer a video otherwise.

For the convenience of all our video-crazy users, we have created this article for How to Enjoy YouTube Video Offline tips and tricks that make it effortless for them to save and watch the desired YouTube video later on.

Unfortunately, India is way behind to other countries when it comes to Internet speed and technology while the most parts of the world enjoying 4G and other high-speed technologies! We’re still roaming around on 256bps to other conventional internet technologies by and large with the exception of our major cities, there to the Net speed going to 256bps, once you reach your FUP limits. On such speeds playing a YouTube video uninterrupted is just dream, it will keep on buffering instead.

Luckily, considering the speed issue, YouTube has updated its Android edition for India to sort out the video buffering issue in India, with using the app you can save the video on your device for next 48 hours. A lucrative offer for Indians that will make all the desired difference.

So, this is the issue we would like to sort out for you through our How to Enjoy YouTube Video Offline tips and tricks, in the lines below we introduce ways that help download videos on slow speeds even.

To initiate the downloading process on slow speed Internet connection you need to download and install the YouTube exclusive app first, then open the desired video and click on “Download Icon” below the video, then choose the preferred video quality! The video downloading process triggers instantly and video will be saved onto your Android handset.

Now you’re at liberty to save the video in apps menu under the Off-Line head and watch it anytime within next 48 hours before it will be deleted automatically after crossing the maximum video saving time limit.

In continuation of our To Enjoy YouTube Video Offline tips and tricks! Please note that installing the app won’t automatically eligible you to download every sort of YouTube video, as there is some video that are not meant to download on Android handset even. Though, this is an India exclusive app! But, I am pretty sure anyone around the world makes use of it and enjoys watching YouTube videos off-line. For doing the trick, you may need to install Indian version of the app, or use an Indian VPN to download/install the app on your device.

Everyone can download and install the YouTube India APK from the following given link, Download: YouTube App for Android.

How do you find this article? Does it work to sort out the slow downloading issue of your Android handset? Please comment on our relevant section, it will help us greatly to serve you in a better way with all of our future posts. Thank You!

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