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Top 5 Entry Level Graphics Card 2015

Graphics card is one of the most sought after and anticipated hardware accessory since the inception of PC’s. For a professional graphic card can aid in their several highly sophisticated graphical projects and graphics card are equally important to PC gamers as well when it comes to enjoy top quality gaming on a PC. Just take that, if you have a high-end PC built with all the latest technologies and hardware products but doesn’t have a high-end graphics accelerator in it, that PC has no worth at all. So, due to their importance, graphic card is a product that is one of the most expensive hardware accessory in a computer. But today I will tell you about top 5 entry level graphics card 2015 that will neither create a big hole in your pocket nor disappoint you with their service.

The Top 5 Entry Level Graphics Card 2015

Radeon HD 6950 (around $79.99)

top-5-entry-level-graphics-card-2015-AMD-radeon-HD 6950

AMD Radeon HD 6950

AMD’s Radeon series of graphics card is by far the only graphic accelerator trademark which is on equal competition with the world leader in graphics department – Nvidia –. On an entry level basis, you will not find a lot of cards that can do the graphics like Radeon HD 6950 does. The card supports latest DirectX® 11 technology with a novel 2GB GDDR5 memory format.

The card sports an engine clock of 800 MHz @ of 1250 MHz of memory clocking with a bandwidth of 160GB per second. With these credentials, the Radeon HD 6950 has been a very agreeable choice for medium range gamers and was successful in delivering high quality graphics when played on, according to a one gaming enthusiast. So a worthy graphics accelerator among the top 5 entry level graphics card 2015.

Nvidia GeForce GT 730 64-bit (around $65)


Nvidia GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5

It is undoubtedly one of the best and highly cost-effective upgrade that you can give to your PC’s integrated graphics accelerator. The entry level GeForce GT 730 is a 64-bit GDDR5 graphics accelerator that conveniently stands between a GTX performance card and a GT series cards. With only a $64 price tag, this is one of the best graphics card that a gamer on tight budget could enjoy.

This card contains one of the best GPU architectures by Nvidia – Kepler GK208 – which means the card is capable of bearing good amount of pressure while still delivers the best graphics for your latest 3D apps and titles. The card sports a core clock of 902MHz with memory clock of 1250MHz with the modern GDDR5 memory structure. Nvidia’s GeForce GT 730 64-bit memory bus is exactly 40.0GB a second with dedicated memory of 1GB and support for both DirectX 12 and provides s good 384 Shader Units.

So, I believe with just $65 in your pocket you are about to enjoy some great games and graphical applications on your GeForce GT 730 64-bit GDDR5 with no worries of any sort since the manufacturer is the world’s leading graphic solution provider among top 5 entry level graphics card.

Radeon R7 260X (around $100 – $115)


AMD Radeon R7 260X

Though, a bit uppish from entry level rates but certainly not the one which can’t be afforded, The Radeon R7 260X compromises a great performance and graphical elegance which can be denied by only a few. One of the best graphics accelerators among top 5 entry level graphics card in 2015, Radeon R7 260X is on per competition with the recent release of Nvidia’s GTX 750 Ti, a mid-range graphical piece, and is one of the best graphics card that one would obtain just around $100 or a bit more.

This graphics card brings some of the great AMD technologies to your PC such as AMD TrueAudio® and can play a huge number of gaming titles at a resolution of 1080p. There comes two variants of memory’s with Radeon R7 260X: 1GB and 2GB, along with 896 Shader Units and a core clock of 1100 Mhz. The memory clock is around 1625 MHz which is suburb and memory bus is 128-bit conveniently. The card sports a memory bandwidth of 104.0GB’s a second with support for DirectX 12 and Open GL 4.3.

Indeed, with this profile, only a fool can think of not buying such a great graphics hardware, but yes if your pocket allows you, for the price is just affordable. For those who likes to enjoy high quality audio, video playback, and gaming at a fair cost, Radeon R7 260X is the best choice among the top 5 entry level graphics card 2015.

MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 610 2GB GDDR3 (around $59.99)


MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 610

Well, it might seems a bit outdated configuration since GDDR3 was a hit way back in 2011 – 2013 but after the arrival of GDDR5 things have really gone fast and out of kaboom. However, at the very low cost of $59.99, you are also getting an Nvidia GeForce 610 GPU with a memory clock 550MHz, DirectX 11 support, and a 1GB DDR3 memory frame buff on a 64-bit memory bus.

This means that you can easily explore great graphics on Windows 7 64-bit version. The MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 610 does not require you a high configured PC and it can run on a very reasonable configuration very seamlessly. Additionally, Nvidia has incorporated all fundamental technologies with the card such as Nvidia PhysX, 3D Surround Vision, Nvidia Sync, and several others: not bad inclusion among the top 5 entry level graphics card 2015.

AMD Radeon R7 250X 1GB GDDR5 (around $99.99)


AMD Radeon R7 250X

The final graphics card in our top 5 entry level graphics card 2015 is yet another ASUS presentation and a predecessor of our above mentioned AMD card – The Radeon R7 250X is fast entry level graphics accelerator that will suit all of your requirements best with great affordability. The Radeon R7 250X contains the next generation Cape Verde XT GPU. This graphic card proffers a sensible 650 Shader Units a 128-bit memory interface with fast GDDR6 technology.

The core clock of Radeon R7 250X is a staggering 950MHz at minimum and could elevate to 1125MHz in some variants. Support is available for DirectX 11.2 with HD3D, Power Play, App Acceleration, and other technologies incorporated by ASUS. So, a graphics card of this profile would be best for low to mid-range gamers and graphics application users without any form of hurdles. However, it depends best on your choice which graphics card you will go for in 2015.

So, my job to introduce you to top 5 entry level graphics card 2015 comes to an end over here but yes, you can continue your own research until you find more better and best options then the ones mentioned in my article or you can even choose any from the above, they will certainly not disappoint your expectations as long as you keep within the limits they can offer.

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