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A Guide to Top Ethical Hacking Tools in 2015

In this guide we are going to tell you about some of the top ethical hacking tools in 2015 for PC’s. Ethical hacking tools are created by the best programmers on the web only in order to check the security and performance matters of a network or a software. Many security experts and IT professionals around the world in renowned companies check out the ability and capabilities of their programs, networks, websites, and or other technologies in order to ensure that they will be safe and sound in case any case of unethical hacking occurs. Therefore, we will now highlight about the top ethical hacking tools in 2015 which are most referred and recommended by experts for the evaluation of a lot of things.


By using the services of Wireshark, a security or IT professional can check out the performance and security of network protocols, the foundational codes of any web-based or server services. Wireshark is actually a GTK+ network protocol analyzer whose aim is to provide the best commercial quality protocol analyzing software for both Windows and UNIX based systems. With Wireshark as your assistant in network evaluation, you check in-depth the network algorithms and could even revamp IP/TCP streams.


The Nmap (network mapper) is one of the most popular ethical hacking tools today as it is an open-source utility for all to use. With Nmap, you can conveniently exploit security flaws auditing or locating various network hosts. There are also many other notable uses described by the able network admins and IT/security professionals around the world for Nmap such as monitoring of service uptime, checking network inventory, managing upgrade routines, etc. The software enjoys large support on different OS and comes in both GUI and console formats. The greatest thing about Nmap is it being an open-source and varied in options with greater control over procedures which makes the best among the top ethical hacking tools in 2015 for PC’s.


Superscan enjoys a great popularity factor with Windows OS for resolving and checking all of the network-port based problems. The very latest release of the tool is known as Superscan 4. For those who seeks a replacement for Nmap on Windows this is a fairly must try option. Do all TCP port scanning, resolving, and pinging right from Superscan 4 in your Windows.

Nessues Remote Security Scanner

This client-based server application for checking security loopholes is the Nessus’s most widely used remote security scanning software which is used in more then 75, 000 companies globally. Many companies that has used Nessus for checking security of client-based devices and programs have found it a very economical solution with great results in return for locating major security flaws.

Cain & Abel

One of the top ethical hacking tools in 2015, Cain & Abel gives you a powerful pack of options to conveniently recover lost passwords for Microsoft OS. There is a tally of ways available in the application with which you can actually recover lost password on Windows OS that are, but not limited to:

  1. Network sniffing
  2. Unleashing password boxes
  3. Routing protocol analysis
  4. Regaining cached passwords
  5. Cryptanalysis attacks

And many others. By using Cain & Abel you can relax from all kinds of bugs and harms that cannot be fixed with little efforts so do use Cain & Abel if you require.


A quite satisfactory war-driver for the Windows but not as powerful as for the Linux OS. NetStumbler comes with an able interface and is basically used for war-driving purposes. In Windows you can detect the Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) with NetStumbler using a variety of protocol codes. Along with this, you can use NetStumbler for:

  1. Detect conflicting networks on your WLAN
  2. Verify your network credentials as you wanted it to have
  3. Locate directional antennas for WLAN links
  4. Find out poor coverage areas on your WLAN
  5. Use creative war-driving from it

Therefore, these were some of the top ethical hacking tools in 2015 for PC’s at your service. You can use them for checking the flaws and strengthening your applications in security terms for the better results. Let us know which application has worked the best for you?

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