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Facebook Messenger Tips

This ever expanding media era brings us lots of tools that help make our life viral for nominal cost or mostly free of cost at all. Among others, FB Messenger is a major communicative tool that millions use regularly. How do you extract most from this brilliant communicative tool? In today’s write up I am covering some useful Facebook messenger tips that help you to use the messenger more effectively for an out of the world experience.

Turn off Notifications

Have you ever experience someone triggers a conference discussion to introduce its products followed by a series of promo notifications. To stop this sort of intruder notifications you simply turn your messenger notification off.

How to Turn Off Messages for a particular conversation?

Open the Messenger App > Click conversation > Click Mute Notification and finally set the time duration of the hold by stroking the desired time limit box. For a complete breakdown of the notification service for all future conversations, you simply adopt the following procedure.

Open the Conversation App > Click Settings > Click Notification & Sounds then click the Toggle on top of your display to turn Off the Notifications > select the time period for this discontinuation to finish the operation.

Making Voice Calls

In this series of Facebook messenger tips, I will tell you about calling someone using FB Messenger facility. It extends you’re capability of free online calling .To avail the facility you just click the “Call Button” usually highlighted with blue color at the bottom of conversation pawn > select the individual you want to talk then click his/her name to start calling simply.

Creating a Group Short Cut

For whatever purpose if you always need to talk to your colleagues, staff, friends or family, pin them all in a Chat Shortcut on the display of your Android device. To do you need to visit Groups Tab > Tap the listed group or create a fresh group there > click the tiny icon on the top right of Group tag > click the Create Shortcut. This way you will able to talk with added group effortlessly.

Sending Pics Using FB Messenger

Another very useful Facebook messenger tips is to enable you to share your pics with anyone you wish to send, provided he/she also use the messenger service. To do this, click the Camera icon to activate shot taking position of the camera, you can use frontal or back based lenses to take the desired shot and then simply click the “Send” Key to dispatch the taken shot to desired destination. You can send an already stored pic from your device by taping the tiny icon located next to Camera as well.

Sending Any Big Thumbs Using FB Messenger

You can do this with an effortless operation by a click and holding “Like” key. It will help expand desired Thumb. You can adopt another procedure as well, just click the emoji icon in the last of the text entry area > Click the “Sticker Collection or Revert” of your Androids supported key to do it nicely.

Sending Your Location Using FB Messenger

Another useful Facebook Messenger Tips is to inform your loved ones of your location by using Messenger. To do this, just send a message to the one you wish to send your location details, provided your location feature is set to “On” position. This way your message will indicate your location to recipient of the message. This is a great feature that helps most in cases of potential emergencies, if any.
To de-activate the feature you simply visit the “Settings” and click the “Location” key. It will permanently disable the feature until you turn it on again. Please let us know about this article and how it has helped you in gaining the most out of your Facebook messenger.

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