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Top Ways To Get Fast Android Updates

Updates are essential to upgrade your Smartphone and let you know what is going around to improve the services you enjoy every day. On-time updates is a wish of almost every Smartphone owner so today I will let you know the top ways to get fast Android updates with which you can comfortably keep your smartphones OS filled with the latest enhancements and programs released for the specific Android OS versions.

Avoid Using Google Service Outline Trick

It was very famous among Android users to do the job though this framework sometimes back until its roots were challenged by a Google crazy Dan Morrill. He has created the technique that anyone can apply to upgrade the device. According to principles, you have to freshen up Google Services Framework visit your settings then to Apps finally click All Tabs to clear the way to get fast updates for your Android that is overlapping the GSF.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as Morrill himself acknowledged, for clearing GSF data basically you need a fresh Google ID that places you in background instead of going forward. So it’s not as efficient idea as some may think.

Don’t Reset Your Android With Any Update Remains To Be Downloaded

One of the top ways to get fast android updates, for this you may experience the same confusing information as you received for the preceding one. When you opt factory reset your Google ID will automatically be reset as well so doing reset to update your system is equal to kick yourself using your own leg. The safest way is to go to the backup > Updates > Reset > and finally restore if the update is already in pipeline. This is one of the best way to reset your Android without being bugged.

Understand The Update System

Morrill talked for this issue as well, particularly for Nexus holders, he elucidated how the initial part of an update rollout only efficient for 1% of device in first 24 – 48 hours. Following the checkup of the updates, the installation process of the updates triggers first 25% then 50% followed by 100% within a fortnight time.

He further exclaimed that the device ran to avail only a single chance of updating at every stage, if your device couldn’t get updates in the first try, it’s impossible for it to load it again before reaching the second stage of updating time.

In continuation of the top ways to get fast android updates, this is also a matter of concern for you to pick a devices only from reputed manufacturers or carriers, because your system may behave differently, subject to the reputation of a particular Brand or of a Carrier. Location is also important either! Check with the location issues prior to buy a Smartphone. Fortunately, there is lots of information’s roaming around that help you to sort out this issue amicably.

Owning A Nexus

Unless and until your Nexus received updates directly from Google, it’s troubled with acquiring the same from passing many circles prior to reaching you. Updates is a time consuming matter and it varies brand to brand as well.

Make Is The Key

Everyone has its own preferences, some like Nexus for its lively display, gestures and for its software features. Still it doesn’t mean that you can’t get troubled in other aspects including in-time Update issue, so if you avoid bothering updates issue, you should have to gone through for other options as well. Select the one that operates on a less troubled system of updates.

Carrier is Important

In the top ways to get fast android updates, the key is the right brand and if applicable the right Carrier as well. Google always went first to the manufacturer followed by its services offered to carriers. Therefore shorten the list of carriers and choose the one that is reputed as less troubled and offers in time updates instead.

Today Not Tomorrow

It’s rather unfortunate that only costly Androids devices serve timely by several bands and carriers, mid and low prices devices including tablets were compromised in offering service standards. However. To tackle the update issue you may select the latest available device in the market as it will help you much in order to get the latest upgrades easily and rapidly.

Always think about carrier’s update options in the first place prior to buy a new Android handset. The days were over when you will go with old devices, its mid-2015, if you like to enjoy latest features you must need a latest model. To serve the purpose you will go for a used one, but latest device instead.

How To Use

Prepare yourself before looking for a rather less troubled option. It’s beyond your limits to select Smartphone without having some basic and advance knowledge of its system. Update yourself prior to looking for device that timely updates by the manufacturer or by its carrier. This way you can at least understand which brand offers a better option for you that updates your device in time. Therefore, these were some of the top ways to get fast Android updates for your Android phone so better think before you step ahead in today’s technological complexities.

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