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How To Find Your IP Address and MAC Address In Mac OS X

There are two physical address covered by your Mac system. One is the IP address (both internal and external) while the second one is the MAC address. Both addresses are crucial for every system and they needs to be protected from getting into the wrong hands. These addresses are very vital and they work at their best to keep our system protected from malicious attacks.

In case of emergency, these addresses help government or technical agencies to track people. These addresses are unique for every machine and thus, can help us track people who have used the systems in any wrong doing.

Now, knowing these addresses are very simple. Every Mac has it and you can know it easily. Let me start with each of them, one by one.

#1 External IP Address

Knowing the external IP address of any system is very simple. Thanks to the modern web browsers we all have been using these days.

You simply need to launch any browser you’re using, open Google and use it to find ‘What’s my IP’. As soon as the search results are loaded up, you’ll have the answer to the query at the top itself.


Just to update your knowledge, all such automatic results are found due to the knowledge graph feature of the Google search engine. You must have seen a lot of other answers to common queries too.

#2 Internal IP Address

Now, when it comes to internal IP address, there are two ways of knowing it. You can either get it from the system preferences or using the Terminal, i.e. the command prompt of the OS X. Let’s start with the terminal method first.

You need to launch the Terminal either from Utilities under Applications or directly using the Spotlight search. Once found, launch the same.

Once the application is running, type in the following code.

ifconfig | grep “inet ” | grep -v

As soon as you hit enter, the IP address will be visible in the set of code. You can find it after the ‘inet’ text on the screen. That’s right, this is the internal IP address of your Mac OS X.

Now, the second method to know the same address, which is little GUI powered, is here. Following are the steps you need to go through.

Step 1 – Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner and select System Preferences option from the drop-down. You can also launch the same using Spotlight.

Step 2 – Select the Network option from the list of setting options and select the active network from the left sidebar. It should be the active Wi-Fi network, your Mac is connected with.


Step 3 – After the right selection is made, the IP address will be visible on the right sidebar, under the Status details.

Done! I hope the process wasn’t that long and you’ll always going to remember it.

#3 MAC Address

Now, this is the third and last thing remaining, as per our title. To know a MAC address, you need to follow the steps I’m about to start with. Never confuse MAC address with the name ‘Mac’, because every computer or laptop, holds a MAC address, whether or not its manufactured by Apple.

Step 1 – Jump into the System Preferences window as you did it last time. You can of course use the simpler Spotlight approach. Hit the Network setting option from the screen at your end.

Step 2 – Now, select the active Wi-Fi network from the list on left side and once its preferences are opened on the right side, you’ve to scroll down and click on Advanced option.


Step 3 – Now, a new window will appear. Select the Wi-Fi option from the top and under all the options, you’ll have the MAC address mentioned as ‘Wi-Fi Address’. In older systems, the same will be labeled as ‘Airport Address’.

That’s it guys! I hope you found this guide helpful in all the possible ways and also simple enough to remember these tricks in future. Now, sharing it with all your friends will update their knowledge too. Peace.

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