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Finding People On Snapchat

Since its inception in the messaging world, Snapchat has been one of the favorites around the globe for many people. This is an app that lets you send messages as well as images & videos to your friends in the list. Plus, there are many more good things you can do with Snapchat that will fill your time with excitement and a zeal to uncover more. Snapchat supports both Android and iOS platforms so you can be sure of a high responsiveness rate from this app. However, all these things seem good and exciting but what can you do if you don’t have a single buddy on your list in Snapchat? Well, today I am covering this very topic in which I will tell you the ways to finding people on Snapchat including friends & your favorite celebrities. So, let us begin to know the steps for finding people on Snapchat comfortably with just a few clicks.


Snapchat App

Finding People On Snapchat

The steps I will mention below are separate ways for finding people on Snapchat. You can use each one of them and settles with the one that is best for you. However, prior to doing anything else, let’s download and install Snapchat on your devices. Click here for Android or here for iOS. Now that you have installed Snapchat, let start finding people on Snapchat.

Open the application. Swipe to the bottom of the screen and click on “Add friends.

On the add friends screen, you will see two options: Add people by typing a username or Add people from the phone’s address book. I will describe to you the ways to finding people on Snapchat by using both of these steps, in which I will begin with the “Username” adding method.

Add People By Username Process

In case, you know any of your contacts Snapchat ID you can type their username and click on the (+) sign to send them a request. If you don’t have your contacts Snapchat username then ask for one.

In case you would like to add a celebrity or a famous person to your Snapchat using username feature, then you can find their Snapchat username on their other social profiles.

Adding People From Your Phone Book

Another option for finding people on Snapchat is to add them directly from your phone book. To do this, tap on “Add from address book” option and press ‘continue’ on the very next screen.

Now, Snapchat will ask your permission to access your contacts in the phone. Confirm the request and head to the next screen.

Now, each contact in your phone book that is on the Snapchat app will be shown to you in the list. The ones that are not you can additionally send them an invitation to join simply.

Adding Through QR Code Feature

Another very amazing & remarkable way for finding people on Snapchat is through the QR Code feature in Snapchat. It is a unique feature which lets you add people as a contact in Snapchat whenever you point your phone upon the ghost icon on their Snapchat profile. This is actually a QR Code in Snapchat and everyone has their specific one. So when you point your phone towards their ghost icon you need to tap on the screen once and they will be added instantly to your Snapchat list as a contact.

Similarly, you can take a screenshot of your own Snapchat’s ghost icon & share it on your social profile online where other friends of you can point their phones to it and add you as their contact on Snapchat. Easy, isn’t it? Therefore, these were some of the top steps by using which finding people on Snapchat will not be a huge nerve-tackling issue for you. Let us know in the comments if you have succeeded in doing so or you have some other ways to connect, share them with us.

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