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Five best Firefox Android Tips

There are a very few browsers which gets such worldwide recognition as Firefox enjoys. Firefox is among those browser which stands on 2nd position following the amazing Google chrome globally. Firefox for Android is loaded with many worthy features that makes it top quality browser, though they follow Chrome in places to facilitate its users, still they placed at a top slot in the Internet world as a powerhouse that offering unique features. In the lines below I will discuss about five best firefox Android tips which will make it unique and effortless for maximum browsing pleasure of its users.


Firefox for Android

Mirror Firefox onto Chromecast

Chrome is a brain child of Google with offering exclusive features it still works cohesively with other browsers as well. Those who are using Firefox 34 for Android they can take pleasure of Chrome features by mirroring specific tabs in Firefox for your Chromecast. How can you do that? Here’s how.
Go into site you want to mirror by using your Firefox browser, click Firefox menu on top right of your Androids display — Click Tools > Mirror Tab > you will look for “Send to Device Prompt” then click the site of desired Chromecast device. The desired site will be on display to serve your purpose. To reverse the operation you need to click the Firefox menu > and then click the Stop Mirror.

Keep Record of the Downloaded Files

Did you ever notice that on occasions your downloaded files goes into some unknown places within the device without leaving any trace of theirs? If yes then an app similar to “File Manager” ought to be loaded on your device to do the tracing for you. This is one of the most anticipated in five best firefox Android tips. However, it’s worth mentioning here that most of the Android browsers can’t extend facilities to users like their desktop counterparts do.

Fortunately, Firefox Android browser can get rid of file displacing issues. To do so, tap the menu key of your Firefox browser > Tool > and then to Downloads here you can see all the downloaded files, trace the desired file from the list and save it to some safe place of your choice.

Add Articles to Your Reading List

If you’re used to read articles on your Android handset, Firefox extends the “Save” facility to do so at your will without losing the reading stuff here and there. Whenever you’re reading any article on your Smartphone using Firefox browser, it will recognize the article first, and then a small Book icon going to be displayed at the right side of the Address Bar.

Click the Book icon, it will become orange, a “Reader Mode” will be turn on—Click anywhere within the article surface, a menu will be displayed at the bottom of the screen > Click the Book icon along with “+” next to it. The suggested article will be saved to your reading list. Click the Address bar— swipe left to reach your reading list, you will find all added articles of your choice here. Read the article devoid of losing them. To reverse this operation, open the marked list and select the article or articles you want to delete, press and hold your finger over it, the article will be deleted in seconds followed.

Sync Your Data between Any Two Devices

In our five best firefox Android tips, this tip will help sync your data in between two devices, but its needs you to create your Firefox account first. For creating your Android Firefox account, click address Bar in Firefox browser—swipe right to locate “Sync Tabs” > all the Sync Tabs will be displayed, select “Get Started” and follow the commands. Following account generation, open Firefox browser on your desktop > Tap the Menu > sign in to Sync— then enter requested details and select the Data you would like to sync. This way your desired data will be sync without any difficulty.

Enhance Privacy on Firefox browser

Privacy is a big concern for most of the Android phone users and they want a secure status where no one access illegally to their archives. How one can save his/her data while using Firefox browser, the last of our five best firefox Android tips can solve this issue amicably by adopting the following procedure.

After opening your Firefox browser—Tap Menu > Settings > then to Click Privacy. To avoid any illegal access to your saved places click over “Do Not Track” Tick-box. Your data will automatically be saved from any unwanted access onwards. You can utilize the option to ask Firefox to delete part or whole the browsing history record following concluding a session. You need to click “Clear on Exit” box in the privacy section of the menu.

So, I do am interested in the feedback you all can provide me so that we will know how these five best firefox Android tips have helped you out in your online surfing experience through this celebrated browser?

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