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Fixing “Page fault in non-paged area” Windows Error

Most of us used to experience a “Page Fault” while doing some app installation, as upon re-start on occasions computer screen might turn into blue with the message i.e. PAGE-FAULT-IN-NONPAGED-AREA error. Most of us dealing the situation with using Safe Mode along with uninstalling the app instead! It works most of the time as doing so BSOD cleared for the time being, unfortunately, this trick lasts for a short period of time, the problem persists. Usually following some more restarts, the problem recurs again. Troubling! To deal with the issue, you need to fix the real issue instead to overcome the Page Fault issue once for all. Microsoft diagnoses the fault as “Hardware issue” usually, which includes anyone from the list, i.e. Hard Drive, RAM, Poor Drivers, Corrupted NTFS, or Virus Software issues etc.

In our today’s write-up for Fixing “Page fault in non-paged area” Windows error, we disclose some possible and simple solutions to deal the matter amicably, and these solutions are rather effortless even.  In our experience, RAM is the key culprit for doing this bad trick mostly along with some other possible issues. Fixing the f RAM issue is a simple trick, you just need to clean and change the RAM or faulty RAM’s to clear up the issue. Here, we will give you some more ideas to deal the issue effortlessly.

Paging File Adjustment

The 1st solution from our Fixing “Page fault in non-paged area” Windows error is to tweak with Paging File; it works for certain users, particularly for those who experience an issue other than a “Hardware Problem”. To do so, go to Control Panel and tap on System, you can adopt another method as well to fix this issue, for that you need to right click on Computer then select Properties.

  • Here, you will tap on Advance System Setting link on the left side of a displayed box.
  • Then click on Settings underneath the Performance
  • Tap onto Advanced tag > Tap on Change Key below the Virtual Memory title
  • Now you will reach your final destination, here you need to Uncheck Automatically Manage Paging File Size for All Drivers pack and finally choose No Paging File.

Tap on OK repeatedly to get back from all opened windows, after that you will restart your computer again, then repeat all the steps again except for one time select of System Managed Size, then check the Automatically manage paging file size for all drive box. This way you can eradicate the Page Fault created for reasons other than a hardware issue.

Test the Disk!

This is the 2nd solution for Fixing “Page fault in non-paged area” Windows error, the simple method is to test the hard drive through Windows auto fixing tool, and you need to run the chk disk command of Windows. Still, if you are experiencing a Page Fault for any disk issue, this way you will fix it amicably.

Just hit Start and type in cmd, choose the 1st outcome from the list and select Run as Administrator.

In the box type the command below

Chkdsk /f, and restart your computer; if the drive is locked then type in y=yes, following scheduling the same code on the next restart attempt. The process takes a sizable time on all versions of Windows 7 and less, however, it will do the trick in reasonable time for Windows 8 and above versions of the Windows.

Bad Driver Issue

For doing our Fixing “Page fault in non-paged area” Windows error, tricks to sort out Bad Driver issues; to do so, tap on Start then types in Device Manager

  • Right, click the tool that updated the Driver and choose Roll Back Driver. You can perform this operation by visiting the properties > Driver Tab, here you need to tap Roll Back Driver Key.
  • If the key is disabled! Then it’s obvious that the driver is alone, ever installed for the tool.
  • You can try this by another way, Tap onto Uninstall key, and then restart your PC. Windows triggers the auto install process after your computer getting restarted. If the issue still persists then try another procedure.

Last Known Configuration

For a complex Bad Driver troubleshooting, you need to try this option even, an eminent Windows features! To do so you need to press F8 to carry the Advanced Options Screen. You can perform System Restore if the 1st option can’t help sort the issue for you.

Anti-Virus Solution

To sort put Fixing “Page fault in non-paged area” Windows error, if nothing works for you! Try this option and hope for the best, as in some unique cases this is the key cause of the trouble. To do this, first uninstall the already installed Anti-Virus from your system, followed by the restart attempt of you PC.

There is no hitch to do the recommended operation and hope for the best. It might work in some rear software related issues, particularly if you’re using an unknown or less famous Anti-Virus system… If the issue still persists, then leave the matter for a specialist! Visit your Computer maintenance shop to fix the issue amicably. Let us know your opinion if these tweaks have helped you to solve the “Page fault in non-paged area” error in Windows.

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