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Formatting External Hard Drive To FAT32

Since the old versions of Windows have gone retired, many users of current Windows OS like Windows 7 or the later one’s usually finds it hard to format their firewire or external drives such as external HDD’s or USB to FAT32 file system. What happens is that in Windows 7 & later versions of Windows, users do not see an option to format their external or internal drives except the NTFS file system, which has been made the standard one’s after Windows Vista. So, what you can do to actually format your external drives to the FAT32 file system? Today I will tell you some great means for formatting external hard drive to FAT32 file system within the current version of Windows you are using.

Steps For Formatting External Hard Drive To FAT32

Formatting External Hard Drive To FAT32 By Using Command Prompt (MS-Dos):

Over here I will define you some of the ways with which you can format your external HDD (any type) by using Windows’ in-built command processing unit, famously known as Command Prompt or MS-Dos. Here are the steps:

  • Open start menu and type “CMD” in the search bar or alternatively press “Win+R” and type CMD in the bar. Hit enter!
  • When the command prompt appears, type the following command in the prompt:

Format /FS:FAT32 X:

  • However, before pressing “Enter” key, replace the X with the actual letter of your external hard drive connected to your computer. Now press enter.

And that’s all. However, often this method within Windows get corrupt in the middle only to piss the user completely off when spending hours in wait only to know at the end that the formatting has been failed. If you also encounter this irritating situation, here is another way for formatting external hard drive to FAT32.

Using Software Utility To Formatting External Hard Drive To FAT32 File System

Until the time computer’s last, software’s will always be there to enhance their capability. So if formatting external hard drive to FAT32 was unsuccessful in Windows command prompt and you are totally frustrated, here are some software that can ultimately fix your problem forever. Notice that all of these software’s are a free utility that I have listed down below and makes it quite easier for you formatting external hard drive to FAT32 file system. So here are the free software’s list below except one which has now become a paid utility but I have grabbed the link of its old free version and linked it with its name.

So, these were some of the best current ways with which formatting external hard drive to FAT 32 won’t be a huge issue to you anymore. However, one thing about which you should be cautious is that formatting a drive is a serious matter. If the thing is done accidentally or without proper knowledge or on a wrong drive, the data will be gone forever or the HDD could even become damaged or corrupt. So, always venture to take such an undertaking only when you really know what you wanted to do and how can you play with the thing. In other words, be a mastermind for it is not a function for the novices.

Also, since the NTFS file system is the standard and almost everything runs properly & smoothly on it, ask yourself the question that why you need a legacy technology in the modern time when you can avail all the functionality on the current standard means? I hope this article helped you to achieve your purpose wisely. Let us know in the comments!

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