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5 Free Alternatives To Microsoft OneNote

2014 was all about note taking applications. We all have welcomed many new players in this special niche of software applications and that’s a great news. Because, now we have a lot of better alternatives to the application offered by Microsoft. Yes, the free alternatives to Microsoft OneNote!

I am sharing a compilation of best of them right here. You can go through this guide and till the the end, you will be aware of the best software application you can use to gather all the notes which help your life to get organised and easier.

Frankly speaking, a note taking application should be extremely simple and elegant in design. The Microsoft OneNote is simple but offers a lot of features, because of which it looks very complicated. It comes included with the Microsoft Office package that means, you can’t have it for FREE.

This Microsoft OneNote can take out the code from a picture, an amazing feature for the developers. It can save your print instructions and can also help you convert a web page and save it in PDF format.


Of course, if you are looking for a lot of features to be part of the note taking application then Microsoft OneNote is simply the best. But, when it comes to simple interface and simple job done, it got a lot of better competitors.

Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft OneNote

Now, it’s time for you to get started with the alternatives, you came here looking for. I have personally used these applications, so I am well aware of the job I am doing here.

#1 Evernote

Evernote is not only the closest alternative to Microsoft OneNote, but it is also an alternative for any known note taking the application at this time. It holds to almost every feature that is possible till now in the note taking niche. It looks simple, elegant and thus, learning how to use it is very simple and just take a day or two to get familiar with everything it offers.

There are high chances that you will get addicted to its UI and features. The application is available for almost every popular computing platforms and even for our smartphones. The best part is that the data is kept synchronised with every device you are using Evernote on, awesome, right?

You can simply create things to do list or take notes, or add images, or add recipes, or even collaborate with two or more team members to complete a team related task. After describing all these about Evernote, it still holds few more surprising features in its closet. Yes, you don’t need to pay for anything.

Download Evernote

#2 Google Keep

As the name suggests, the application is developed by Google. The only thing which you may not like about this application is that it isn’t available as a standalone app for PC platforms, neither Windows or Mac or Linux. But, it does have an app version for smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone and iPad.

The best part starts with its user interface. It is extremely simple and I can’t think of any simpler UI than what Keep is offering. Everything also looks elegant which later becomes a reason to get addicted to.

It allows taking notes in two formats, a to-do list and a simple note format, where you are allowed to add text in any format.

For the computer users, the Google Keep is accessible through its official web application (website). Just like most of the Google offered products, it comes without any price tag. It allows adding pictures into the notes and also the URL. It also works as a reminder which you are allowed to set for any note or to-do list. You don’t need to create any new account if you already have a Google account.

Access Google Keep

#3 Wunderlist

If you keep experience on top of the priority list before choosing any software application then Wunderlist is going to offer the best. The way it looks, functions and works on time, is awesome. Even the ringtones used for various functionalities within are cool and further increase the experience. The app comes without any price tag and is offered in standalone format for PC platforms and also in the application format for smartphones and tablets.

You need to create an account which allows you to access the features and also keep every data synchronised. It keeps the data ready on every device you are using the app and have signed in. Creating a to-do list or taking a note is extremely simple. You can easily divide a list of note into categories, which is another cool feature. Setting up a reminder for a note or list created within is also possible and simple to use.

Download Wunderlist

#4 CintaNotes

This is a pretty simple looking and working alternative to OneNote. It doesn’t possess elegant design, rather an old-fashioned layout. Also, it doesn’t offer too many features, but it’s still good at keeping notes in a well-arranged manner. The application is very lightweight and allows tagging of notes, for their easy categorization.

Access CintaNotes

#5 Nevernote

If we ignore its awkward name, then it offers some best functionalities. The layout and the functionality look similar to that of Evernote, but it never reaches the elegant and simple user interface offered by that application I recommend on top. Still, it can be useful for taking notes, creating lists and setting up remind for the same.

Access Nevernote

If you are still not satisfied with the applications I have added above and still looking for alternatives then last best I can recommend are Zim, Laverna and Notezilla. You can try them out now.

This is the end of compilation we went through so far. I hope it helped you to find the best note taking an application that comes without any price tag. Do share the one you choose and also the reason behind that selection. Peace.

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