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Top 5 Free Wallpaper Android Applications

Wallpapers beautiful and creative are a necessity in today’s’ smartphone screens. Customization in Android handsets is also a very favorite activity for those who like to bring in new enhancements and creative sparks in their gadgets. But the fact is also that playing with themes & and on-screen customizations in Android can involve the rooting of your device since you can’t mess with original settings and core system files in Android without rooting your device. However, worry not as I am about to tell you the top 5 free wallpaper Android applications that can easily take care of this customization job on your behalf and you won’t even have to mingle with in-depth mechanics. So, shall we move on to see those great 5 apps that contain a plethora of amazing and beautiful wallpapers for your smartphone screen? Let’s go!

Top 5 Free Wallpaper Android Applications For Your Smartphone

500 Firepaper

The first on our list of top 5 free wallpaper Android applications is the best in the business for smoother automatic wallpaper alterations on your smartphone screen. The 500 Firepaper contains pictures exclusively taken by various photographers around the world for this purpose. The 500px, which is the mother site for this app, includes high-resolution top quality images representing a variety of categories so you can select from its directory your most desired wallpapers you want to display on your home screen. 500 Firepaper is additionally a very powerful wallpaper changer that has the capability to change wallpapers after desired time limit on your home screen by choosing from the variety of its huge image directory. So take the most benefit out of this app and enjoy some remarkable wallpapers on your home screen by installing it. However, just make sure you don’t load too much so that your space is totally eaten up.


Zedge is one of the oldest and biggest wallpaper service for mobile phones in the last decade or so. Additionally, Zedge is also known best for providing ringtones, themes, sounds, and etc. However, our focus on this app is because of its huge and diverse smartphone wallpaper library. You can’t just simply get enough from Zedge’s huge collection of wallpapers – more than 11,000 –. Plus, the app is highly easy to understand and set according to your preferences with an impeccable search feature that will take you straight to the wallpaper you were looking for. A worthy free wallpaper app among the top 5 free wallpaper Android applications.


You probably might don’t know this fact but in a very archaic means ‘Tapet’ is a word that means decoration for wall–hanging pieces. So, much similar to this philosophy Tapet brings into your phone an endless cycle of great wallpapers. Along with being a free app, Tapet is really great for setting different colorful patterns for your smartphone. Just swipe any pattern with theme and wallpaper you like for your home screen and enjoy the diversity and creativity it brings into your device. The app is also very easy to use so you don’t need to be a techie in order to enjoy Tapet.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

This app is one of the exclusive if you are a genuine fan of artistic paintings. I bring to you Muzei Live Wallpaper from the top 5 free wallpaper Android applications that will set some classical works of celebrated painters in the history on your smartphone’s home screen. Muzei Live Wallpaper collects wallpaper paintings from the Wikiart.org library, the most used website for seeking original painting images. Plus, it will also give you some high-quality pictures as well. The app also supports smartwatches as well so that you can carry a famous painting wallpaper on your wrist to anywhere you do.


The last app among top 5 free wallpaper Android applications is the one that is the only which can give you specific niche based wallpapers for your smartphone. Wallmax is a creation of Alphawolf and one of the brightest wallpaper app that is currently in the market. The library of its wallpapers is simply out of this world, a collection that you won’t find often anywhere else. But there is also a little flaw; the wallpapers in Wallmax takes a bit of time to load on your screen. However, to get something great & free you also need to have a bit of patience too. But all in all, Wallmax is your app whenever you need unique and niche specific wallpapers for your smartphone.

So, have you tried any of the apps from above? If so, let us know your experience in the comments section or try one and see the great wallpapers flourishing on your home screen. These top 5 free wallpaper Android applications are one of the recommended ones and my favorite as well so do use any of them and enjoy great wallpaper collection.

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