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Protect Your Privacy With Google Alternatives

Google is the most well-known search engine around, but as individuals and businesses become more concerned about privacy protection, sometimes it pays to run a search through these alternative search engines.


Startpage is based in New York and the Netherlands and provides stand-alone proxy service called Ixquick Proxy. Startpage is dedicated to user privacy and was founded as an alternative to the data-mining that Google has been known to do. Startpage does not record IP addresses, which demonstrates their steadfast dedication to user privacy. The Startpage search engine ranks search results using the star system, which awards stars to search results based on how many results were found for that particular search term. The only cookie used on StartPage is used to remember users frequent searches, so that it can suggest a search based on what users type into the search box.Visit Website

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Privatelee is committed to not selling users’ information and data when they access Privatelee. This insures that users of Privatelee won’t be hounded by other companies or marketers. They also do not use any uniquely identifiable cookies, which means that Privatelle will not follow users once they leave the website.

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DuckDuckGo has become increasingly popular specifically because of its potential to overcome the privacy issues Google users have had to deal with. The site collects search results from several different search engines into one convenient location and is committed to not keeping a log of user searches. One of DuckDuckGo’s main features, and a characteristic that it can boast over most other search engines, is that it has a strict one-ad-per-page policy, which insures that only one ad will appear per page of search results. DuckDuckGo is an essential search engine for anyone that values privacy.

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Qrobe is what is called a meta search engine, which means that Qrobe aggregates results from larger search engines like Bing and Google and then integrates those results into one manageable interface. This means that Qrobe can potentially provide twice the amount of search results that these two search engines can produce independent of one another. Qrobe has also integrated features from each search engine, like Bing’s ability to show a portion of a website by hovering over the search result link, into it’s own search result process. And much like the search engines discussed above, Qrobe protects users’ information by not using uniquely identifiable cookies or profiling user searches.Visit Website

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Gibiru is unique in that it is committed to making sure that users are allowed to see all search results rendered by their searches and seeks to uncover any content that other groups may try to censor from appearing in search results. Gibiru also utilizes an Anonymous proxy search engine, which allows users to conduct their searches in peace without creating a trail of searches and search terms. The ability to view censored content becomes ever more important as companies continue to sell the ability to censor unsavoury search results to clients. Gibiru is the most forward-thinking and effective search engine to combat this particular Internet privacy issue.

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Disconnect Search is a private VPN that allows users to make private searches on their favourite search engines. Disconnect Search is committed to not logging IP addresses, log searches or any personal information about users that could be collected from an internet search. Disconnect also does not allow other sites to monitor your personal search results when you link to another website and prevents ISPs from accessing user searches.

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Lukol is an Anonymous search engine that, much like the search engines listed above, does not allow for search term tracking, IP tracking, or cookies of any kind. It’s evident just from looking at Lukol’s mascot on their homepage (a caped crusader with a large “L” on his chest) that Lukol is out to protect users and enjoyers of the internet by ensuring that an innocent search will not lead to a user to both selling his/her information to countless marketers, but also that a user’s search results will not be scrutinized by anyone who was not invited.

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Yippy is the only site on this list that specifically caters to children and parents of young children. They have branded themselves a “family friendly” site and allow parents to easily set and change parental controls on the search. Yippy is similar to other search engines on the list because it is also committed to refusing to track search results, store user history, store copies of user emails, monitor or record searches, or collect personal data for the purposes of selling back said data to advertisers. Yippy also provides an easy-to-navigate toolbar at the bottom of the screen that displays helpful information links to sites with news and weather information and FAQ’s about the site, which make it even more child-friendly.

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Ask.com’s Ask EraserAsk.com_

Ask Eraser allows users to use Ask.com while simultaneously erasing all search history and personal data. In this way Ask Eraser allows Internet users to both have their internet cake AND eat it too.Visit Website

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