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Google Android 6.0 M (Marshmallow) Revealed

The hype of the upcoming Android 6.0 was already above average when Google announced the new OS for smartphones earlier in their I/O conference this year. But where the things got fever-pitched for Android users is to actually speculate what this solitary ‘M’ with Android 6.0 stands for this time? Well, for the long awaited devotion of Android users, Google has finally revealed the full name with the delicacy attached to their widely used mobile OS – Google Android 6.0 M (Marshmallow) – where an M stands for a delicious camping supper of Marshmallow. So, Google Android 6.0 M (Marshmallow) is actually the upcoming Android OS for all mobile platforms.

Well, above all is the most amazing leap which Google has made with the version for this upcoming mobile OS that is directly promoted to 6.0 from the previous Android 5.1 Lollipop. No 5.2, 5.4, or 5.9, but a straightforward 6.0 would be the version that will soon be released for several mobile manufacturing brands. However, in the mean who are more than curious to just take a look at Google Android 6.0 M (Marshmallow) functionalities, a technical developer preview can be obtained for limited Google Nexus devices holders.

The history of associating sweets or delicacies with Google’s Android OS goes way back to the version 1.5 when in those days the development team of Android used to eat a lot of junk foods during long sessions of coding for the operating system. As a fact, one of the engineers in the team suggested to name the OS as “Cupcake” and from then on every new release of Android OS seems to get a sweet’s name associated with it. Wow! What a way to keep the memory alive of the earliest developers of amazing Android OS! (Though, no one is dead from the team yet I guess)


Google’s Android Holding Up A Marshmallow on Google Campus 44 Building – Home Of Android Dev Team

So, coming back to the present, how did the news revealed about the secrecy of this “M” with Android version 6.0? Well, what happened is this that in the traditional way, a new statue of Android was placed in the front lawn of Building No: 44 of Google campus which is actually the home of Android developers. On that campus one can see every Android statues of the OS released so far with their respectable sweet attached to them.

Well, since this has been clear that the new OS will be known as Google Android 6.0 M (Marshmallow), the current spotlight has shifted from the infamous “M” to the developing team of Android. Google has recently released an official Android SDK in order to augment and enhance the procedure of the apps designing. This news means that the developers are now free to design, evaluate, and see if their applications for the new Google Android 6.0 M (Marshmallow) is fit to publish or not until the consumer version is released. So, let us wait and see what amazing apps, features, and functionalities will Android M (Sorry! Marshmallow:)) will bring to its excited user base which contains millions of people around the globe.

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