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Google Maps Update For Apple Device Shows Broader Range Of Information

The philosophy of making right decisions at the right time is the thing that has actually made Google what it is now in the world. I said this because when the holiday season is just around the corner, Google has released a significant Google Maps update for Apple device iPhone which will now show its users when the gas station, stores, and other outlets are busiest. This update will help people in two concrete ways: It will avoid you the hassle of finding yourself in a terrible rush on common outlets, and it you can plan your trip either to a store or gas station when you know you won’t have to wait in a huge line. The updated Google Maps for iOS will include “rush-hour” information both for retail stores and businesses. Wouldn’t this be great a gift from Google freely on this Christmas & holiday season?

Well, if that’s not enough for your demands, Google Maps will also reveal the current gas prices for all nearby stations you will be visiting. Google began to include popular “businesses” tracking within its search as of July this year. At that time, Google was telling you about all of the rush-hour details about famous businesses you wanted to visit. Google analyses this detail through the check-ins made by its users at a specific time on a specific business or store. This feature was duly made available to Android users this September, but only now Google Maps update for Apple device has made this feature available to iOS users as well.


Google Maps For iOS Showing Detailed Info About Businesses

However, the feature of gas-price tracking is a novel addition to the Google Maps, it was also made available to Android first and then to iPhone users as of now. In October, Google also announced another new option for Google Maps users to add a stopping point along the route to their destination, such as a coffee shop or a restaurant, which the Google application will reveal to you while en-route to your journey’s end.

As these new developments were happening, Google throws the support for showing gas prices at the stations you choose to stop as well. While Google never really bothered to officially announce this update to the iOS community, it is considered to be a great tactic in order to tackle with the rival apps like Apple Maps in iOS.

The problem with Apple Maps is that it does not enjoy such kind of in-depth integration into a mobile operating system like that of Google Maps. So, considering the importance of the coming holiday season and people’s huge interested towards outdoor shopping/buying, Google suddenly added such remarkable upgrades that will tell the users about prices, busy consumer hours, photos, and more that will help them much in planning a stress-free and easy outgoing.

So, I do believe that this decision of Google Maps update for Apple device iPhone to disclose all these precious info’s will certainly help the Apple community in their Christmas shopping and easy outgoing, as well as shaking the stubborn Apple standards a bit too. If you are a Google Maps users for iOS, then share with us your experience about using this service and how it has helped you in your outgoing?

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