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Hacking Wi-Fi on Android

In this post I am going to tell you a simple and easier way with which hacking Wi-Fi on Android will be a gaming-like affair for you. However, one thing is very important to note here that this technique is only for security checking purposes and any illegal usage will surely get you in trouble with the concerned legal authorities in your place.

In order for you to actually hack your way through a Wi-Fi on another Android you need to have Wps connect app from the Google Play store. Wps connect can disable the other user net connection if on the same Wi-Fi network. Wps connect will enable you to easily hack another Wi-Fi network and use it automatically even if the connection is password protected. In order to begin hacking Wi-Fi on Android, you need these:

  • Rooting
  • Android version 4.1.2 or above

After downloading Wps connect for hacking Wi-Fi on Android, you can hack almost any Wi-Fi network that uses WPS protocol technology. The features comes only in Android 4.1.2. However, the Wps connect is built only for security educational purposes and any abuse resulted is your own responsibility.

You can use Wps connect in order to authenticate if the router which you use to connect is eligible to be attacked on a default PIN. Various routers today that are installed by different ISP’s could contain flaws in security of their own. By the help of Wps connect you can track those flaws and incorporate a better security policy in your router which will cover default PIN problems and other additional amendments in the algorithms of the network. Have your say if you have used Wps connect to hack your own or somebody else’s Wi-Fi?

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