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Top Six Hacks To Make Skype Better

Today’s world is experiencing a communication revolution. Once it was time consuming and costly to call someone anywhere around the world, now it’s within the reach of your finger strokes and the best about all is that it’s totally free or if you acquire their premium paid services with some added features, you will have to pay substantially reduced price for it. Isn’t it amazing? There are sizable number of online communication platforms such as Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, Hangout, and many more in the list who facilitate you with quality voice calls totally free or on very nominal charges across the Globe. Today we will explore the possibilities of best quality voice calls to link your family and friends round the Globe through Skype, a great name in the business. In the lines below our “top six hacks to make Skype better” will give you ideas to better manage your voice calls over Skype, so here are they:

Access and Backup IM Chat History

Accessing or backing up your IM chat history might be a challenge for maintaining your earlier calls record on another device, except if you’re using Windows computer where you can still generate a backup history. To do that Click windows key + R to bring the “Run Box”, here you write %appdata%Skype then click Enter > File Explorer—select you Skype username folder, here you explore “main. db”, it is your IM Chat History details file. You can save data externally by using an USB as well.

How To Get On-Line Conference Call Backup?

In conference calls if you experience a wobbly conversation, you can set up the on-line dial-on conferencing reachable for all. Though this is a premium feature you may have to pay for that, however it ensures a great sound quality in-conference call. (To acquire premium dial in codes for U.S, dial in is 641-715-3580, others may contact Skype helpline for this facility). This is one of the very useful feature described in our top six hacks to make Skype better.

Put the Mic at Silent during Conference Calls

It’s a good idea to mute your mic while communication is on from other end. It also helps to listen rather clear voice, as we don’t know how many individuals are involved in the conference conversation and what is going on around them, a messy affair otherwise.

Screen Sharing on low Bandwidth, Use Skype’s Join. Me

Anyone can share screen while he/she maybe on Skype call, Skype offers a paid feature “Join,Me” that enable you to make call on low bandwidth, just send its link to other ends for trouble free and clear access to your screen. This works well even if the other person is a non-Skype entity.

Avail Skype WiFi Facility in Case You Have No WiFi Connection

In case you are using a mobile device, you’re at liberty to avail the Skype Wi-Fi services. You need to download Skype Wi-Fi feature that enables you to use Skype calling without having a regular plan or Wi-Fi connection at all, check with Skype for availability of this service in your area. Skype boosts over 2 million public Hotspot globally for smooth use of this facility.

Avoid Aids Using Simple Method

The best way to get rid of adds on Skype is by this simple method, visit Control Panel > Network and Internet then Internet Options to open Internet properties. Here under the “Security” tab click “Restricted Sites” than click “Sites” and type https://apps.skype.com/. You need to restart the system for the changes to take effect.

We believe our above mentioned top six hacks to make Skype better will enhance your call pleasure to a great extent. Let us know if these tips has helped you?

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