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10 Features of Whatsapp about Which You Won’t Be Aware of

Whatsapp has been the top-favorite messenger app for millions of people around the world since its launch in 2009. Probably the most noticing factor that gives Whatsapp a user-favorite edge is its great features for free. You might have been using Whatsapp for a good amount of time but are you aware about all of its features?

Well, here are at least top 10 features of Whatsapp that you might know or might not know off. But lets us assume for now that you are unaware of the or else my writing this article would be useless, right? So, let us begin with this assumption and let me have the honor to introduce in your service the top 10 features of Whatsapp messenger that you will or might have certainly enjoy/enjoyed.

  • Sending conversation history to others

You can easily send a whole conversational-thread to someone via email. In your phone, click upon the Menu option in a conversation and head directly to the option of ‘More’ and choose ‘Email Conversation’ right before you enter the recipients’ email address. In turn, Whatsapp will build a large email consisting of everything that has ever been said and sent between the communicators.

  • The Saved received pictures

Both the video and pictures that you have sent using Whatsapp chat are always saved on your smartphone in this directory: WhatsappmediaWhatsappimages. On an Android phone, you can view these saved pictures in the Gallery, as well as you can share them across your social media channels, save them as contact images, and much more. In an iPhone, these pictures are saved in the photo app.

  • Turning on the ‘Enter Key’ function to send messages on Whatsapp

This tip is indeed one of the best in top 10 features of Whatsapp. Although, you might not write a message in Whatsapp that usually lasts in multiple lines, but still Whatsapp has this functionality by which you can use the ‘Enter’ key on Whatsapp virtual keyboard to send your messages instead of using the send button.

To actually turn this option on you need to go to ‘Chat Preferences’ of your Whatsapp within the settings menu and just need to check the box which says ‘Enter is send’. Unfortunately, this feature is not valid in the iOS version of Whatsapp.

  • Select yourself a DP in Whatsapp

You can easily and willingly choose and put a profile picture on your Whatsapp account whichever you like. To do this, go to settings – profile – and tap on your current DP and alternatively choose another one with which you like to replace it. Either you can choose from the ones that are on your phone or click a shot with your phones camera. That replaced image will now be shown as your profile picture on someone else’s phone.

  • Create backups of your communication

Another very important feature among the top 10 features of Whatsapp. At certain times there will be need arises to show a conversation with someone else from the past or current on Whatsapp for various reasons (some might be in legal as well) so this feature comes handy here.

To create backups of your conversations go to settings menu and select ‘Chat Preferences’ and then click on the chat history backup. Additionally, if you like to have backups of your conversation but don’t like to do it manually every day, leave it to Whatsapp as there servers automatically backup on 4 AM everyday (your local time).

  • Changing the wallpaper of your Whatsapp chat

This can be done by going to ‘Wallpaper’ option in the menu for chat and you can select a picture either from your phone or choose from one of the pre-installed ones in Whatsapp wallpaper app. This app downloads/installs automatically once you select ‘Whatsapp’ option in the menu of wallpaper.

  • Creating shortcuts of your conversation

One of the best feature among the top 10 features of Whatsapp, it gives you a lot of convenience when talking to selected personals on frequent basis. To place shortcuts of your conversations onto your phone’s home screen, select ‘More’ in chat menu and click on the ‘Add conversation shortcut’. Your conversation’s shortcut will now be visible on your phones home screen.

  • Changing your status on Whatsapp

There are many good reasons why you should use this feature of Whatsapp so we won’t be describing that to you. So, in order to alter your status in Whatsapp see the option of status on the main menu of Whatsapp from there you can find some pre-written ones or you can make a custom one yourself as well.

  • Show your Whatsapp message to many contacts at one time

In case you are in a hurry this is the finest feature among the top 10 features of Whatsapp. Show your message to as many contacts as you like with one go and to do that choose ‘Broadcast message’ in the more menu and select as many contacts as you like to send your message to. When finished creating your message hit ‘Send’ to viral it.

  • You can send a hell lot more than just a message in Whatsapp

Whatsapp provides a plethora of options to send or receive than just messages, and you should avail every one of them while you can. By using Whatsapp as your communication portal you can send addresses, sounds, contact cards, images, audio, and videos; all for free.

Let us know in the comments below that which of these features among the top 10 features of Whatsapp have you used before?

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