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How To Block Facebook Game Requests

Social Networks are ruling the communication world these days and FB turns out to be a top social network from the eminent list of Social Networks. Apart from chatting and sharing photos, status with family and friends you can use these social networks for lots of online professional services, news, travel, education, games and for everything that you can just name, including with advertisement and marketing. However, the only most irritating about being a socialite in Facebook is to receive enormous requests of games there, which not everyone is always willing to play. So, today I am going to teach you how to block Facebook game requests so that you won’t be able to receive any more further from now on.


How To Block Facebook Game Requests

With lots of innovation and different means of interest these game providers offers to you, it’s also a common observation of almost all FB users to receive unwanted game or app requests often from friends end or directly from the businesses even. It’s troubling! Though there are lots of apps and games uploaded daily on Facebook, you can’t beat them all with just clicking to stop each of them. This article on how to block Facebook game requests extends some tricks that may save you from potential automatic or from-a-friends-initiated game/apps raid on your time line. So let us see how we can resolve this issue.

How To Block Facebook Game Requests

How to Block Games and Apps Request on Your Face book Account?

You can use two different methods to block an exclusive game request or notifications, select the top alternative to serve your purpose at its best.

First Method:

Tap the setting icon displayed on top right of your FB profile page. Following on, tap the Setting icon > here you search the Blocking option on the left of the setting window.

There are other options also available for use here, read the guide and select the one which suits your needs the best. For e. g., there are two blocking that you can use on this menu:

1. App Invitation Block

This method from our article on how to block Facebook game requests can be a useful option if you like to block a particular individual for such requests, and you will commence doing fun on your page without receiving anymore game request from the blocked individual. You can block more than one friend/individual with using this technique as well. However, you need to write the names of all friends/individuals you wish to block in this case.

2. Similar App Blocking

If you’re receiving a similar App from two different ID’s then you need to write the apps name only in the Block App Box instead of writing names of friend/individuals to do the trick.

The Second Method:

If you don’t wish to do the operation with using above mentioned method, here is yet another alternative that ably serve your purpose. To do so you need to:

  • Open game app center > tap on to Activity Alternative on the Menu
  • You can immediately observe all the pending invitations from your friends
  • Just tap X or tap on Ignore All key that appears on the App Request Window to delete all the undesired game requests.
  • Tap to block a Game/App request and then confirm it to finish the operation

We believe that by applying these methods, you can satisfactorily block all the irritating game requests comes to you in heaps and bulks. Additionally, let us know how good you found this article on how to block Facebook game requests in the comments below so we may know your feedback and keep you provided improved tips/tricks for your excellent usage of all tech related matters.

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