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How to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail [Google Chrome]

The method I am going to share over here to help you block unwanted emails in Gmail, works only with Google Chrome and also comes with a price tag. There is a free alternative option available which can always be tried, but to get complete features, you need to pay a healthy price.

Also, this method is a better, simple and GUI version of the default filter option offered by Gmail to block email addresses. So, you should be considering this method I am sharing by calculating every related aspect.


How to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail?

Like I said, this method works only in Google Chrome. And, the main reason behind that is that this option is available in the form of a Chrome Extension. At the current moment, it is only available for Google Chrome web browser, and not at all for Mozilla Firefox or any other browser.

Also, the free version which anyone can start using allows a particular user to block maximum of four email addresses. Thus, the free version is complete enough to help us know whether this method of blocking is better or not.

After testing everything, if we like the extension we can definitely opt for the premium version which ask us to pay for a single yearly price or start our monthly based premium access. Since, the free version is there, so we both should give it a try. The extension is named ‘Block Sender’.


The very first thing is the simplicity which is well-maintained and worth noticing. I didn’t have to learn any new thing to get started with this extension, rather everything was working just like how Gmail works, except for few changes, of course.

You need to open this webpage consisting extension named ‘Block Sender’ in Google Chrome and then click on ‘+ ADD TO CHROME’ button over the top. It will begin the downloading process while you will be asked to allow Chrome’s access by this extension in a pop-up. Click on ‘Add’ button again and you are ready to use the extension.

Restart the Google Chrome browser now and open the Gmail inbox you own. If the account isn’t logged in, then do it and get ready at the home screen.

Now, select any email from a sender you wish to block. Once selected, you will see an option on the top labeled ‘Block’. You can either directly click on that button or choose an option from its little drop-down menu. Clicking directly will block that particular sender while you can choose four different options from the drop down.


Like, you can block all sender from particular domain, or similar sender, or you can even block emails containing a set of keywords. All these options are worth and their present makes us feel little more powerful.

Once you are done clicking on the Block option or selecting a particular setting, a pop-up will appear, showcasing the email address in bigger font, which you are about to block. Clicking on Yes button will acknowledge your decision and you will no longer be receiving any emails from that particular sender.

This extension does one more thing. It sends a fake email containing a message that his/her email was never delivered due to in-existence of the email address he/she entered. This allows them to remove your email address from their list and so you will be no longer receiving any further updates.

The extension also offers an Options page, allowing you to access few related settings to the extension, which can be tweaked for getting custom results.


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