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How to Block Websites in Chrome

The need to block websites in Chrome isn’t new and it is never going to get away. And, this is good for you and your work. In this very complicated digital era of social networking websites, we find us always staying online on those platforms. It helps us keeping our social presence uptime but hurts the productivity badly.

Now there are two options left for us to try to help us out. First, to decide a timing when only we will be accessing websites which are not related to our work. This method can work only if you are motivated enough. I am pretty sure that you have already tried it.

If your first attempt failed, then here is something serious which you should be trying. Blocking a website is that second way of finding a solution and I am pretty sure if you continue blocking the sites, you are going to find a sudden increase in productivity at your end.

How to Block Websites in Chrome?

Since we are talking of Google Chrome web browser here, so doing this thing is very simple. Thanks to the extension store it holds and the cool mechanism of adding any external functionality in the browser.

I hope you have heard of it. If not, then adding an extension is pretty easy. Just open the URL of an extension or you can find it over the Google Chrome store. After that, click on ‘Add to Chrome’ button and click on ‘Add’ button. Give it a minute and the extension will be added. If it requires any setting to tune up then you can do that in its dedicated page, otherwise it starts working instantly.

Simple, right? Now, how about getting started with the list of Chrome extensions which works like a champ and offer a website blocking mechanism to us?

Following are the Chrome Extensions I have personally used and checked. They all are very popular. So, make your selection among these.

#1 Block site

This is the simplest looking extension that works like it should. We can open a website, right click on its web space and then will have the option to put it in the list of blocked websites. Simple, huh? The tool also offers few other helpful features. You are allowed to set a timer during which a website will be blocked for you. Once the timer is over, it will allow you to access the same until the timer is again switched on the next day or hour.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.27.34 pm

You can even block websites using keywords. Enter the keywords and once they get matched in the URL, it will not be accessible. With a simple switch button, you can even block Adult websites. You can also turn on its functionalities for the Incognito mode in Chrome browser.

Download Block site

#2 Website Blocker

This is the second extension you can use. You may not like the way it looks because of very old age inspired user interface and the switching triggers, but it functionality is buttery smooth. It asks you to put a list of blocked websites in a dedicated format which the tool understands. Once done, all those sites will be blocked from getting any access.

You are allowed to set time duration restrictions. So, if you want to have access during the lunch time, then it is possible. The message displayed during the blocking is pretty clear and does the job. You should check its description to know the blocking format. It’s simple, but again if it provided a GUI tool, then it would have been better.

Download Website Blocker

#3 StayFocusd

Want to Nuke the websites from Chrome? Try StayFocusd! Once it’s installed, simply enter the website’s URLs which you wish to block, enter other details and few exceptions. After that, click on ‘NUKE ‘EM!’ button and you are ready to go. This is the extension you should be choosing if you require a lot of setting to choose from and gain a better grip.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.27.44 pm

The extension is also recommended by almost every authority tech blog or digital newspaper. So, if you were looking for a similar recommended and much-praised product, then StayFocusd should be your choice. Yes, it allows a timer setting for a blocked website.

Download StayFocusd

#4 Nanny

Nanny is the simplest looking and functioning extension out of these fours. It does the job at its best and is good enough for keeping us away from those addictive sites. Simply enter a URL, select its type (I will explain this later), set timer settings, select days to continue the block and click on ‘Save URL’ button. Done!

The unique feature this extension offers is that if you want to block a part of a whole website, then it is possible through the ‘Type’ setting. For example, you can block a blog of a website while keeping access to the main website alive. It also offers proper statistics of the whole experience, in case you are interested in knowing your progress.

Download Nanny


I hope the whole process and the later compilation was simple for you. In case if you require a dedicated help, then consider sharing your experience in the discussion section and I will come up with a better solution for you.

Before leaving, I have two things for you. First, you can share (you should) this helpful guide over your social platforms to help your other friends who are also facing this social networking trap. Second, do check other tutorials over our website. Who knows, what new and helpful trick you learn today? Peace.


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