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How to Create New PayPal Account | www.PayPal.com Login and SignUp

Many of us, don’t even know about any such application but PayPal does exist and it is there for a reason. The application serves as an intermediate between two parties in order to securely perform a payment transaction. No matter which country you live in, until PayPal offers its services for your country, you can receive and also send the money.

In many countries like India, government rules are somewhat strict which doesn’t allow PayPal users to send money. But, they can still receive it. This is the only limitation of this application but that’s not because of its own limitations.

Here is your guide to learn how to create new PayPal account and also get aware of www.PayPal.com login and signup process. I will do my best to keep everything simple and straight.

About PayPal application

In the beginning itself, I should disclose this fact with you, that PayPal is a free application and you don’t need to pay anything to it for using its services. But, it earns money from a different system. Yes, the system includes you.

Whenever you receive a payment, PayPal charges 4.95% (approx.) of the total payment as the processing and application fee. This is the only way of their earning which affects your pocket. Rest, there is nothing paid or charged and everything is free.

Coming at the features, it is an online payment gateway, as already discussed. The features it offers are really helpful and cool enough for us to get addicted. Whether you are using it for business or for personal usage, PayPal is always there for you.

Their servers are live throughout the year and I personally never felt any down time during my five years of usage. I have been relying on it for almost every overseas money transaction. Although there are few more payment gateways which charge lesser fee, but they get mix reviews over the internet. So, my advice is to stay away from them and stick to PayPal. A little money won’t hurt you until you are getting rest of the big share.

How to Create New PayPal Account

Creating an account isn’t charged and is totally free. You need to have a bank account in your local town and also keep its information ready with you at this moment. Once you are ready with it, start going through following steps.

How to Create New PayPal Account

  1. Start the web browser of your computer and open the official website of PayPal, or click over here.
  2. You will see a ‘Sign up’ button right at the home page, click on the same and wait until the webpage opens.
  3. Choose your country and click on ‘Get Started’. After that a form will open and you will have to fill up your personal details.
  4. Make sure you enter your primary email address which is secured with a tough password. The password combination for PayPal should also be a tough one. Enter other details and proceed.
  5. Click on ‘Get Started’ under the Personal tab and fill up rest of the personal details. An email alert must have reached the inbox of your email account.
  6. Open that new email from PayPal and click on the link it holds. After that link is opened successfully, your PayPal account is verified and ready to use.
  7. Wait, process isn’t over yet! You need to setup your bank account with the PayPal. For that, select your bank and enter account number.
  8. After that, PayPal will initiate very small payment (two or may be more). Within next week, you will get those payments in your bank account.
  9. Login again into your PayPal account and enter those two small payment values into the account when asked. This will confirm the bank account attachment and you are ready to use all features of the application.

Its over! That’s the word on streets now, right? Was it simple or not?

www.PayPal.com Login

Every time you wish to access your PayPal account, you need to go through a login process. Make sure the computer you are using to access it is totally secure.

PayPal Account

Open the homepage of PayPal again, i.e. www.paypal.com and over there click on Login button, enter the user name and password combination. This will do the job for you and within next 1-2 seconds, you will be authenticated to access your account.

Final words

So, this is all about the PayPal application and I hope you did find this guide helpful. If you want to know any other details on any related subject, then write your query in the discussion section beneath and I will attend them as soon as possible.

Do share this guide with your friends who are also looking for a safe gateway to receive and send payments to other countries online. Peace.

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