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How to Disconnect SkyDrive in Windows 8

Microsoft has been trying all it can to make people addicted to its cloud service, i.e., SkyDrive, which is now known as OneDrive. The integration of this cloud service offered by the Microsoft is deep into the operating system itself. It started with Windows 8, and still continuing with the 8.1 and 10 version.

So, if you’re looking to disconnect SkyDrive in Windows 8, then you are at the perfect place, as I’m going to share the method for the same. The only thing you need to be aware of is that, the integration can’t be removed totally.

How to Disconnect SkyDrive in Windows 8


But, you can still disconnect the integration, its synchronisation, and turn the whole service, OFF. This will help your computer to save a bunch of bandwidth, and will also make the system little better in the performance.

The process is pretty simple, and straight. But, before going with that right now, I’m going to share certain information on the related subjects.

The system at your end which is powered by Windows 8, needs to have a local account, rather than a Microsoft account. This is must, because if you’re using a Microsoft account to create the profile, then you can’t disconnect the OneDrive, at all.

Also, think again before doing this, because you can save important files and folders to the OneDrive or SkyDrive, and it will keep that data secured and available for years, unless you delete it. So, instead of keeping all the files in that, keep the important ones only.

Also, this integration helps in Microsoft to store the system information and a lot of related data into the Cloud Storage. This helps in making the device synchronised perfectly. So, think of a situation when you lose all the data of your system, but you’re looking to restore everything back.

In that scenario, you just have to login using the same Microsoft account, into the new Windows 8 system, and the data will be synchronised automatically. Of course, it requires active internet connection to work properly. I guess, internet isn’t a problem, since you’re using a modern computer or laptop.

Step 1 – Start the system and login with your existing Microsoft account login.

Step 2 – Either press Windows + C keys together or use the Charm bar at the right side, to click on ‘Change PC settings’.

Step 3 – Move into the Users setting and select the ‘Your account’ option ahead.

Step 4 – Now, you’ll get an option where you’ve to click on. It says ‘Switch to a local account’. You’ll be asked to enter the existing password to confirm this move. So, go ahead and do the same.

Step 5 – Once you’re done logging in successfully, you’ll have a new form available at your screen. Fill up the details in that form and move ahead.

Step 6 – Complete the on-screen instructions and agree to the fact that a new Local account is being setup. Finally, sign out from that login and the process will be finished in a while.

Step 7 – Once you login again with the local account this time, the synchronisation feature will be turned OFF automatically. Then, you need to move into PC settings section.

Step 8 – Scroll down to the Sync settings, and make sure you’ve turned OFF, each and every option available at that screen.

Step 9 – Finally, you’ve to open the official web application of SkyDrive and login there with the right credentials.

Step 10 – Scroll down to the bottom and finally click on the Remove option. This will completely remove the Windows 8 connection with the SkyDrive or OneDrive.

This is it guys! Everything is done and I guess the disconnection is over at your place successfully. Go ahead and share this guide with all your social friends online.

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