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How to download WhatsApp on a computer?


So WhatsApp is at last and authoritatively accessible for Computer, till date we used to utilize WhatsApp on PC utilizing BlueStacks or You Wave, which is as yet meeting our expectations yet the main issue with those strategies is that they are not official one.

In any case, now, you can authoritatively or really utilize WhatsApp for Web or desktop with the new component which the authorities have included, it’s essentially WhatsApp Web Version.

Be that as it may, hold up, it’s not what you are considering, you don’t need to download any WhatsApp courier programming into your PC, however, this new component will just take a shot at Google Chrome and its totally online element which implies that there is no compelling reason to download any sort of project into your PC.

Rather, you will need to output the QR code which is accessible on their official site from your WhatsApp Mobile App. Try not to stress on the off chance that you are thinking that it confounding, I am giving you finish instructional exercise on the best way to utilize WhatsApp for Web or Desktop, simply observe underneath.

How to utilize WhatsApp on your computer?



Note: For utilizing WhatsApp on PC you will need to have WhatsApp Messenger introduced and checked with SMS and telephone number into your cellular telephone first and foremost, so in the event that you are suspecting that you will specifically have the capacity to login into WhatsApp Desktop then it’s not the situation, rest guaranteed simply take after the strides which I have given underneath.

  1. First of all update your WhatsApp Messenger on your cell phone, its important step.

Note: You have to have WhatsApp v2. 11.498 or above, download the most recent.APK record from here.

  1. When you visit the WhatsApp website on a computer, replace the web link to web.whatsapp.com

Note: WhatsApp Web meets expectations, just on Google Chrome and not on Mozilla, IE, and so forth.

  1. Open WhatsApp Messenger in your Smartphone, go to Menu and after that select “WhatsApp Web”
  2. Now sweep the QR code which is on web.whatsapp.com from WhatsApp Web choice.
  3. Now snap on “alright, GOT IT” and let the checking of your QR code begins.
  4. Within few moments you will see that you can utilize WhatsApp Web with Google Chrome program.
  5. It’s simply the mirror picture of your WhatsApp Mobile.

Thus, I trust you are detesting WhatsApp Messenger on your desktop and you discovered my instructional exercise simple to take over.


Hindrance of WhatsApp for Web or Desktop Official Version

Here are few of the negative focuses which I need to tell you, I have recorded it down beneath, these are solid negative points.

  • It is not accessible for the iPhone or iOS clients, feeling awful for them.
  • It’s simply the mirror of your WhatsApp Messenger which is in your cellular telephone.
  • The visit and messages which you are doing on your Web Desktop adaptation, it is going to live on the spot on your WhatsApp in Smartphone.
  • Thus, WhatsApp will devour twofold information, i.e. one from web form and other from your telephone.
  • It is dangerous to utilize it on open PC on the grounds that on the off chance that you neglect to log off from that open PC, then anyone can see your past messages which you have sent from versatile additionally and he/she can even send one from your WhatsApp.
  • Presently, let’s go to the points of interest or advantages some piece of WhatsApp web adaptation, you can even call it additional elements, observe beneath.

Focal points of WhatsApp Web:

  • A few or more purposes of this new component are given underneath, please examine.
  • You can clearly utilize WhatsApp Messenger from your Computer, which is one of the best aspect of WhatsApp.
  • You don’t have to output the QR code over and over, it’s simply the first run through setup or step which you are doing, in the event that you log off from the desktop then you have to rehash it once more, so it’s a no time waster.
  • You will have the capacity to sort in desktop with stunning rate, send pictures and features at bursting quick speed
  • So people, I think, WhatsApp for PC (authority web desktop adaptation) is shelter for a number of us who use it all that much. At long last, WhatsApp on PC is accessible on any new generation computers that dominate the market today.
  • WhatsApp Web is fundamentally a diluted rendition of the telephone application so not the greater part of WhatsApp’s components are accessible yet. Facebook will probably bring more components into WhatsApp Web later on. For the time being this is what WhatsApp Web can do.

We will begin with new private talks



At the top, you’ll see a talk symbol where you can draw up a rundown of your contacts to begin talking with. Your present visits are recorded on the principle menu as of now.

WhatsApp Web is restricted to beginning new private visits so you’ll need to begin a gathering talk on your telephone. This is a minor disturbance, however not a major issue.

One can write new line by utilizing Shift + Enter

Numerous clients are inquiring as to whether it’s conceivable to change the Enter key from making an impression on making another line. You can’t change the console stroke yet you can essentially make another line in a message by squeezing Shift + Enter.

Take or append pictures



I’m upbeat to see that WhatsApp Web backings appending photographs. At the highest point of your visit, there’s a paper clip symbol. Tap on that to pick between utilizing your webcam to take a photograph and joining one. It lives up to expectations, simply like it would on your telephone.

In the event that you would like to utilize your webcam to take a photograph, your program will approach you for authorization to get to your camera. Tap on Allow and your camera can now take a photo of you.

Snooze notices and switch sounds



In the menu, you can flip sounds on the off chance that you need to visit peacefully. You can likewise snooze notices for 60 minutes/day/week in case you’re being overpowered. You can stop desktop creations inside and out also. You will get a pop up message notice when a message is received on a computer.

Contact information



To one side of the paper-clip symbol is the menu catch (three dots). Tapping on this gives you the alternative to view your contact information.

For private talks, this incorporates a contact’s telephone number, profile picture and status. In gathering talks, this choice shows who numbers are in the gathering talk and their names/telephone.


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