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How to Draw Arrows in GIMP

The primary reason why users switch to GIMP or choose it over the Photoshop, is because it is available without any price tag, and has been one of the top challengers to the mainstream Photoshop, since years. The newer version is really impressive and all I can assure is that you’ve made the right choice.

Most common users of this software named GIMP, are the bloggers, who are looking for a simple tool to do their day to day photo editing or normal logo creation tasks. And, a common problem they face, is how to draw arrows in GIMP.

How to Draw Arrows in GIMP?

Well, you don’t need to face that issue anymore, because here’s the solution for the same and I can assure that you’re going to love the way it is available. It is simple, straight, and you’ll remember forever.

Step 1 – The thing you need to start with is that you download the necessary plugin registry, which is currently missing from the GIMP software at your end. You need to open this official Plugin registry webpage and download the file that clearly says, arrow.

Step 2 – Now, once this file is downloaded, you need to move into the Scripts folder in C Drive, where GIMP scripts are saved. Now, you need to move that file downloaded and store it in this folder. Make sure you move the correct file.


Step 3 – Open the GIMP software ahead, and under the Tools option, you’ll see the Arrow option, which is new. Click on any of them, and click the Path icon.

Step 4 – Once the Path is working, draw two points on the whiteboard, among which, first one will work as Head of the arrow, while second will be the tail.

Step 5 – Now, you can move into the Arrow option under the Tools again, and decide what properties to keep of this new arrow. You can customize it any way possible.

Was it simple enough that you will remember it in future as well? If no, then this guide will always be available at this location. You can keep it bookmarked in the browser for the safe keeping.

Well, this was the way to create arrows in GIMP, and this is the same process to create any kind of arrows. You can also perform all the kinds of customization as your liking and its all possible once you’re done with the steps above.

So, are you happy to get this guide? If it wasn’t helpful in any way, then please explain your side in the discussion section and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution ASAP. If it did help, then its time for you to share this with rest of your blogger friends or the one using this GIMP software. Peace.

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