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How to Extend Battery Life in Apple Smart Watch

Since their inception into the consumer market, Apple’s smart watch has been a heart-pounding item for all trendy fashion lovers and tech-enthusiasts. Indeed this product from Apple is surely admirable for a taxonomy of reasons. Apple’s smart watch has been successful in entertaining the both needs of the wearer: observing time and yet at the same time enjoying online content, and this is all just on a watch! What more one can ask for? However, like with every smart technology that uses battery power to run, Apple smart watch users face the problem of battery consumption too. So to deal with this issue, here we bring to you several ways by which you save and extend the battery life in Apple smart watch.
Ways to extend battery life in Apple Smart Watch

Removing unnecessary notifications and glances

Glances are a piece of info about the things that you see on your Apple smart watch as you swipe its screen to change several interfaces. These pieces of information are often unneeded so it might save you your battery power if you deactivate them. The same is with the notification system of Apple’s smart watch as well, which produces a buzz in your watch whenever you receive a notification.

This function might sounds interesting but it also drains your battery power as well. Therefore, disabling is the best option to save battery life in Apple smart watch if you are not so much a fan of notifications. Here is the method to disable these functions:

  • Go to “My Watch” on your device
  • Select glances in the menu and remove unused glances overall
  • Go to notifications option just above glances
  • In the menu for notification, you can enable and disable notifications for many things that you don’t like.

Deactivate Wrist Detection option

When wrist detection is enabled, the smart watch will detect the movement of the wrist of the person wearing the watch and become active showing them the interface and other features enabled. However, not always a person might needs to look at the watch so the option can be disabled in order to save battery life in Apple smart watch.

Deactivate the calling function

Although, being a great feature in the smart watch by Apple, calling feature might also be a great culprit to suck power out of your watches’ battery. To disable the feature you need to do the following steps in your Apple watch application in iPhone:

  • Go to Apple Watch in your iPhone
  • Explore in the menu until you find the option of “Phone app“ and then select custom in it
  • To execute this process you need to turn off Haptic and Sound features in Alerts section
  • Select ringtones and finally turn on the Haptic mode

Decrease the Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback is a very charming feature of Apple’s smart watch but the hectic feature itself takes up a lot of battery power. You can actually disable the Taptic engine by decreasing Haptic Feedback option in the watches’ menu.

  • Go to settings in the Apple watch on iPhone
  • Click on Sounds & Haptic option in the menu
  • Decrease the usage of Haptic Feedback for your watch

So, these were some of the major tweaks you can do in order to save huge battery life in Apple smart watch and could enjoy the watches’ amazing features and service for longer duration then you usually do.

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