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How to Get Gmail Read Receipts and Email Open Notifications

There is a firm need for knowing whether the email we have sent is read or at least opened, or not. We all have this urge as we need acknowledgement.

This urge is lying in personal messages and get increased and become very crucial in case of professional cases. So, here is a tutorial to help you learn how to get Gmail read receipts and email open notifications.

The mechanism works on a simple principle which follows a process in which a little tracking code is inserted in every email you write. Now, that tracking code is used to find read and open details of that particular email.


If you are a developer, you can create such tracking codes and insert into the emails you sent. But, in other case, you require an automatic and safe application that does these things for you.

How to Get Gmail Read Receipts and Email Open Notifications

Yesware is the application name and it is available in its website form over the internet. You can begin using its services for free in order to start receiving read and open email notifications.

This very special application is available in free and premium formats. The free one is limited with a specific number depending on your usage. Once you cross that usage mark, then you will be charged for continue using the services.

Let’s begin with how to use this service and how to get answer for our urges inside. Shall we begin now? Following are the steps you have to go through, as it is.

Step 1 – The very first thing to do is to visit the official website of Yesware. Scroll down on the website and click on ‘Add Yesware to Gmail’ button at your screen. You can also click on ‘Install on Gmail’ button. The same mechanism also works for Outlook.


Give this step some time, as it will be downloading and then installing an extension on to your Chrome or Firefox, whichever browser you may be using.

Step 2 – After the extension (or add-on) is successfully installed, it will open on its own and will trigger the Gmail account. Yes, your Google email account will open. If you are not logged in, then you have to login using account credentials.

After the login part is done, a new pop-up will arise asking you to activate the services. Click on ‘Activate Now’ button and Yesware services will be activated from the very first moment.

Google account will also ask you to provide the permissions, Yesware is asking for. So, when asked, click on ‘Accept’ button. If needed, you can read those permissions which are being granted to the services.

Step 3 – The final thing left in the setup is the Salesforce account inclusion. If you use any such account and want to use this service for professional work related purpose, then you should setup such a service.

Otherwise, click on ‘I don’t use salesforce account’ and the screen will proceed to the next step. After the same, your Gmail account will get opened.

Step 4 – Now, open a New Message screen, and type in the new email you wish to send to any person. Before clicking on the Send button, select the ‘Tracking’ option from little checkbox at the bottom and it will automatically insert a tracking code into the same email content. You can also setup a Reminder using the available option over the same screen. Hit the send button.


The procedure is over now and once that email is received and opened by the recipient, you will get a related notification into the Inbox you own. Wasn’t it simple?

To read all such event notifications, you can move into the related sub-page and will see all the related options over the same. A new tab named ‘Event’ is inserted over the same.

The free account you are using, offers 100 such events for free. This number of events offered is good enough for personal usage. So, there is no pricing involved for the personal usage. But, if you are using it for any sales related purpose, then you should be paying the price.

The most important thing of Yesware is that it is 100% safe to use and your account credentials are still protected. You haven’t done any illegal thing to do this tracking as you are just using a service offered by a provider.

This is how you can get Gmail read receipts and email open notifications. I hope the process was worth of your time and you were able to execute it in a right way.

If you face any issues, then write it down in the discussion section and I will come up with a dedicated solution. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with all your friends. Peace.

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