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How To Mute Tabs In Various Browsers

How about if there are too many tabs opened in your browser or separate browsers at a time and a one or couple of them starts playing audio, annoyed or no? Well, I am 100% sure you will be annoyed as such sounds might be irritating while you are working. So, to heal this irksome situation modern browsers now comes with a specific audio indicator that tells you about which tabs is making noise among others. And today I am going to tell you exactly just how to mute tabs in various browsers by using this advanced feature. So let us find out how you can shut the sound in noisy tabs in most of the contemporary browsers of today.

How To Mute Tabs In Various Browsers

Muting Tabs in Google Chrome:

Chrome is one of the first browsers to introduce this feature of disabling audio in specific tabs. However, this thing is enabled in Chrome by default and you have to deactivate it if you do not want tabs to play audio. To begin, whenever you open a tab that plays a sound, you will see that specific tab in Chrome shows a “Speaker” icon on it. To turn off the audio in that specific tab, right click anywhere on that tab and select the “Mute Tab” option from the menu. Done!

Muting Tabs in Mozilla:

In our tips on how to mute tabs in various browsers, Mozilla’s Firefox similarly shows a “Speaker” icon on the tab that plays any type of sounds. However, to use this feature you must have the most up-to-date version of Firefox which is later than 38.0. So, to mute the tab in Firefox, left-click on the “Speaker” icon will shut the noise down. From the keyboard, you can press “Ctrl+M” while having your cursor on a tab and it will close the web audio.

Muting Tabs in Opera:

In this guide on how to mute tabs in various browsers, one of the easiest method to shun the audio in a tab is of Opera browser. In Opera, you will recognize a noisy tab with a sign of “equalizer” on it. However, you need to go to the source of the audio and then mute it rather from browsers commands.

One General Way to Mute Audio Tabs on Every Browser:

If you use any browser that currently does not support stopping audio in specific tabs or you find it harder for you to do the above steps mentioned in “how to mute tabs in various browsers” guide, then here I’ll tell you a full & final way to stop all audios coming from any open browsers at that moment. The steps are very easier:

  • Click on the speaker icon located on the bottom right side of the taskbar.
  • When the sound bar is open click on “Mixer” option.
  • A new pane will open highlighting all of those devices that are using your sound card’s capability right now. In that pane, you will see a switching pane of your browser as well in which the sound tab is open.
  • Drag this switch down to zero or click on speaker icon to mute all audio from your browser or browsers whoever are playing audios.

So, these were the secrets on how to make tabs in various browsers. If our article has somehow helped you to stop that distorting and irritating sounds in your browsers, then let us know in the comments or if any other ways you might know you can share it as well.

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