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Remove Delta Search (Virus Removal Guide)

One of the worst nightmares in internet usage is the Delta Search toolbar and extension. This is a little piece of software which installs on its own and then affect the normal internet usage performance by a huge mark. You must be already experiencing the negative effects and that’s the reason why you want to remove it.

Well, you came to the right guide as here I will be sharing how to remove Delta Search process. Yes, this is the virus removal guide. If you are still wondering whether it is a virus or not, then let me first clear the air.

Is Delta Search a virus?

Technically, it is not a virus but its effects can be severe just like a virus. The way it works can make it count among a malware. It can hijack the browser you are using and change things according to itself.

Few things which it changes are browser’s home page, the default search engine and it frequently opens a lot of advertisements in new tabs. Yes, it does that on its own.

While you are browsing and doing any work over the internet, this malware is going to hurt the native experience. It does that by opening unwanted websites which usually have lots of pop-ups and advertisements.

The personal data which is stored in the browser is also not protected and can be used for any wrong purpose. Also, it opens a wide back door which makes way for hacking into your browser session.

In short, the Delta Search is not at all safe for you. It may be looking like Google to you, but don’t start using it because it’s no longer near to the Google or any other useful website or application.

How to Remove Delta Search?

In order to remove it, you have to go through following set of instructions and it will not take any longer than 5-6 minutes to get over with the whole process.

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  • Download the Malwarebytes anti-malware software. This is the software you will be using in this case here and it comes in both free and premium version. If you face a lot of malware issues, then only it is recommended to go for the premium version. Otherwise, the free one will do the job.
  • Once the installer package file of the Malwarebytes is downloaded, then you need to start its installation process. For that, double-click on the file and start going through on-screen instructions.
  • The process will not require internet connectivity neither it will take a long time. After the completion, start the scanner.
  • Once it’s running, you need to begin the scanning for malware on your system. Make sure you select all the drives, particularly the C one.
  • Wait for a while and let the scanning finish. After that, it will list all the malware and harmful files present on your system. You can easily select all and hit the remove button.
  • Among those files, you will also find Delta Search malware and it will also be removed within the process. At last, reboot your system.

Well, this is the basic process you need to go through.

Second process

After this, the unwanted software is removed but in many cases, it doesn’t. If you are finding the Delta Search again present on your system then you can follow this second process after the completion of first one.


  • Download and install Ccleaner. It comes without any price tag and is a 100% legit software.
  • Once its installed, run it and begin the scanning part by clicking on ‘Analyze’ button.
  • Give it some time as it scans through files and folders and after completion, click on Clean button to remove all the unwanted files and folders.

This process will not only remove malware and unwanted files but will also remove the temporary files, thus, increasing the performance.

Third process

These were the process which removes the malware part and unwanted leftovers but if the sole program is not getting uninstalled then you have to go through the basic process of uninstalling the software.

Move into Control Panel and under Program section, click on Uninstall option. Select the Delta Search from the list of programs and click on it. Go through on screen instructions and within a minute, it will be uninstalled.

Before launching the browser again, you should also reset it. For reset instructions, you can refer to the documentation of individual browsers.


These were the methods that can save your time and personal data stored in the browser. In rare cases, you have to go along each of them to make sure Delta Search is clearly and completely uninstalled.

Do share your experience with me about the simplicity of the process and whether or not it worked at your end. In case of any assistance on related matters, write your issue in the discussion section below and I will come up with a solution ASAP.

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