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How To Save Battery Power On Your Android

A lot of Android users commonly suffers from battery down syndrome on their smartphones. The battery life told by the manufacturers heartily often comes down to a very minimal truth when in actual live mode. Those of the Android devices that has a Show-Shaw to them often lose batteries much quicker than other simple Android phones with no-lots-of-features. Highly lighted LCD’s and powerful AMOLED displays are the worst enemies of a battery on Android device. But still there ways by which you can agreeably save battery power on your Android devices if you can actually point out the root cause of it.

The majority of batteries used in Android sets consist of Lithium polymer or Lithium ion batteries. These batteries however does not have any memory in them which means that there is not necessary to completely charge or discharge them in order to make them function properly. The best way to tackle this problem is to charge your phones in phases so that the battery keeps on going smoothly. Therefore, here we have enlisted some of the crucial tips you can use in order to save battery power on your Android devices without much-ado and it will further augment the performance of your battery life.

Setting Auto Brightness active

It is a very helpful feature when it comes to save battery power on your Android phones or other devices. The brightness and heavy graphics is what sucks out power from your battery on Android. In case your Android device have AMOLED screen, which is quite common in all Android devices, or any other type of LCD, consider turning on the “Auto Brightness” feature. Auto brightness feature will control the brightness level of your Android’s screens in an intelligent way, brightening the screen when needed and making it low when not required. This will help save battery power on your Android phone in a very considerable quantity.

Flight mode

Although not much in use except when you are flying but the airplane mode is very effective in controlling the power of your battery and stop it from draining fast. However, if you use flight mode without actually flying, this option will eliminate outgoing or incoming calls facility.

Do not fall for low-priced batteries

The cheap-priced batteries that are found in the market today should be avoided on all costs. Only use original batteries for your Android devices because only they can provide the best compatibility and performance one have expectations off. The forged material gives sub-level performance, is not compatible at all, and could even destroy your devices so better be off them.

Darker Backgrounds

As we all know that the main power sucker of the battery is the display screen of our Android phones and the more colorful/brighter themes and wallpapers you use the more power will be consumed out of your battery. To eliminate this flaw, consider using dark color background and wallpapers that does not require much fancy to run. This will preserve and save battery on your Android the most.

Battery Save mode

Included within Android phones is the option of battery saving. If you use this option on your Android, you will certainly going to save a considerable amount of battery power. The Stand-by time of your phone is increased remarkably, active connections will be shut down to close data transfer, and many other attributes to several active functions on your Android phone (excluding major background functions) will be shut down in order to save the battery. Therefore, take benefit of this option whenever you can.

These were some amazing tips that you can actually do in order to save battery power on your Android phone or other devices. Employing these tips will not only save your battery but they will additionally increase the performance of your battery and other accessories on your Android devices. So, be wise in usage and take benefit from your product in the long run.


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