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Hulu And Netflix Embraces Virtual Reality

Since the hype started by the innovation of Palmer Luckey’s Oculus Rift, a highly sophisticated VR headset, VR field of work has been able to catch the interests and eyes of most of the bigger tech companies in the world as well as tech-enthusiast audience too. The evolution that has started somewhere in the 90s has progressed much faster than that of the human’s itself. So naturally, it is in the favor of every business to emerge or somehow integrate itself in the hottest trend of the day to keep on progressing and gaining customers round the clock, and that is actually what two famous American online movie streaming services done. Yes you heard it right! Hulu and Netflix embraces virtual reality by respectively producing their own original VR content on their services, well, with some good bonuses as well.


Hulu and NetFlix Embraces Virtual Reality

In an official statement, Hulu and Netflix both have committed to produce and support VR films. Hulu has initially hosted a VR feature series known as “RocketJump: the Show” while Netflix has developed a virtual reality app for Samsung GearVR, another major VR headset, with the cooperation of Oculus VR of Facebook for $99.

This application for VR will show the user with a VR headset a home-based cinema screen from where they can pick up and play their favorite movies, shows, and other content right inside their Samsung GearVR. The tendency with which Hulu and Netflix embraces virtual reality at approximately the same time shows the big commitment and a dedicated in these services to keep ahead of the race and to give their customers unique experience which no other service at present offers.

The VR application that Hulu has created for its user-base typically provides a featured 3D environment where subscribers be able to access the 2D library with genuine VR content and can stream it right in their virtual reality headsets. The VR application will be released this fall but the VR device of its support is still unknown. The very first VR movie that would soon be launched on the streaming giant’s platform would be “The Big one” in a series format accompanied with the RocketJump studio. The story is about a meteor showers on Earth that soon turns into an apocalyptic scenario.

While it might come as a great news for the already-subscribers of Hulu and Netflix as Hulu and Netflix embraces virtual reality but there will be some issues which users might have to deal with while enjoying the VR content. The very noticeable among them is the sickness which almost every VR users so far has complained in all demos of this brilliant technology.

Manufacturers and researchers are working quite closely to improve nausea and sickness issues for VR headset wearers so that they may continue to enjoy classical VR experience. Almost all of the major VR headsets will be released throughout different seasons of 2016 and until then we can only hope and keep our fingers crossed for serene improvements in the VR technology further.

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