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Downloading & Installing Drivers For Unknown Device In Windows

While installing drivers in the Windows, you may have noticed that sometimes it fails to do so, and the device manager of Windows start displaying a message of “Unknown Device”. In other words, Windows though recognizes the hardware! At the same time, it refuses to function normally till the “Hardware Drivers” going to install finally. It’s not a totally strange phenomenon, as lots of third party software’s brag to discover the required drivers mounted on your desktop. Except for branded ones, the potential software couldn’t discover and mount the drivers to an “Unknown Device”.

Considering the issue, Microsoft already offers an in-built solution that by design attempts to recognize the “Unknown Device” and try to download the required drivers. In case, Windows fails in its attempt than it starts displaying the message of an “Unknown Device”, and you’re then left with no option but to start searching the right drivers for the unknown device again.


Downloading Drivers For Unknown Device In Windows Device Manager

In our guide for downloading & installing drivers for unknown device in Windows, it’s imperative to inform you that the entire body of hardware producer’s offers supportive drivers for their brainchild, as a free download from their web page. To sort out the issue you may surf the Net to reach the right destination, just insert the hardware’s model number to find the supportive drivers, or trace a forum where someone tells the story of success for resolving the similar issue. In today’s write-up of downloading & installing drivers for unknown device in Windows, in the lines below we will introduce you to the proper methods for sort out Unknown Drivers issue.

Steps For Downloading & Installing drivers For Unknown Device In Windows?

  • Visit My Computer and select the Properties
  • Select the Device Manager
  • Here you will right click on any Unknown Device then select the Properties
  • Here you will see a message “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28).To finds a driver for this device, click Update Driver.”
  • Select the Detail flap then right click on Copy the value mentioned on top slot for Hardware ID
  • Visit Google paste the copied value in search bar
  • Here you will try to discover right drivers for the Unknown Device on the displayed page, as soon you discover the right driver! Download and install it onto your desktop.

This way you will successfully downloading & installing drivers for unknown device in Windows, with a bit of effort and without spending much time even. You will then also learn about the right place for driver’s availability for a particular Unknown Device as well. Having said that, please note! Always verify the credulity of the site first from you likes to download drivers, as downloading drivers from an unknown source may cause harm to your system even.

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