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Top 3 IDM Tips (Internet Download Manager)

IDM or the Internet Download Manager has been one of the most widely used and highly regarded downloading software since its inception way back in 1999. Today, this software continuously updates on a monthly basis and is able to capture millions of downloads in a month still. What was the secret of its success in the web world where many other downloaders have come but no one has been able to stay on top as long as IDM? Well, simply put its several features and options with an easy to understand UI (User-Interface) and top notch download bar feature on any general media files, or the ones which you exclusively set. So, today I am going to share with you top 3 IDM tips that will enhance your experience more of using IDM.

Augment Connection Speed and Server Connections

Any download speed is based on the number of servers from where it is coming. So, logically if you increase the server count of your downloader, the speed will increase with it too as your downloader will search and look for more ways to get the software from the web you are downloading. IDM by default sports 8 connections from any server maximum which you can increase in order to augment the speed of your download.


Internet Download Manager (IDM)

To do this open IDM and click on “Download” tab and choose options there. A new short window will open where you will need to locate the “Connection” tab. Under the connection tab look for “Max. Connection number, which would be 8 by default, click on it and choose 24 from the dropdown menu. Click “OK” in the bottom and you are done.

Adding Download Links Yourself

It is one of the most convenient tips for IDM among the top 3 IDM tips. Now, you can add manual download links and start downloading material from the link you added in IDM. To so this, open IDM and see for “Add URL” option in the main menu. Click on it after you found it and a new window will open asking you for the “address” or link of the file to be downloaded. Paste or write the link of the file to be downloaded and simply press “OK”. Your file will now start to download.

Download Everything Including the Website via IDM

This option is the most advanced feature IDM sports as well as a top tip among the top 3 IDM tips. Suppose you like all of the content on a site, including the site’s layout as well, IDM gives you the option to do it quite easily through its features. The features’ name is “Grabber” and it is located in the main menu of IDM. Grabber can download all of the content on a website.

To start, click on the IDM grabber, a new window will open after that. In that window you need to first put your grabber project name, which you can put anything you want. After that, you need to put the website’s link in the “Start page/address” bar.

After that you need to set the “Project template” which is basically a setting that asks what length of download you want to make. Now select “Next “and move onto the next set of options where you can setup the properties like exploring all the site content or ignore scripts, pop-ups, java, etc. Press “next” and the download of the whole site and its content as set by you will start.

So, these were some of the most important features I picked from IDM among my top 3 IDM tips to enhance your IDM experience. I hope it serves your purpose best and in case you have any tips of your own, share it with us in the comments below.

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