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Inviting Every Friend with One Click on Facebook

inviting-every-friend-with-one-click-on-FacebookSocial Networking expands among folks around the globe in an unprecedented way these days. The key website, among a few others, is known as Facebook. Folks even do their business over FB usually with creating personal pages, groups or by creating events there aside from chit-chatting with friends, family, and colleagues. Even in personal as well as professional events on Facebook, nothing is done properly you haven’t invited friends, family, or colleagues, or to simply follow or like a page, the task to expand one’s own follower base. Normally, you need to invite each of the person individually on Facebook, but how good it will be if everyone in your contact will be invited with just one click? The process am about to tell you today makes inviting every friend with one click on Facebook quite possible.

The key task is to sending a request to someone or group to join the activity at your page; for example, you have a friend circle that includes around 3000 strong support base or followers, imagine it’s how much difficult to invite each one individually to like your page? As you needs a great part of your time over your preferred Social Networking platform in corresponding with the followers to do so.

To eradicate this communication hurdle and making it possible to contact everyone utilizing less time, our main objective to write this article is to let you know the process of inviting every friend with one click on Facebook. And so, without further delay let us carry you forward in your attempt for inviting every friend with one click on Facebook.

Inviting Every Friend With One Click On Facebook

Using Chrome to Invite All the Friends with one click on Facebook

The first tip from in our process of making your invitation task easier, faster, and much compact is to use a Google Chrome extension for the Google Chrome browser. How you can do that? Here’s how:

1. You need to install Google Chrome on your device.

2. Following installation, you will see a tiny icon showing its presence on top right corner of your browser. This icon only appears and blinks if you’re on FB page, for the rest of the other browsing, it just disappears.

3. Now login to your FB account/page where you wish to contact your friends and followers to like it. After opening up your page, tap to “Invite all friends Button”.

4. The app start displaying all your friends names on your device screen, tap to the installed apps icon.

5. In few seconds, all of your friends will be notified to like your page concurrently.

Invite Your Friends with Using Text Tool

This tip is the 2nd in this series of tips for inviting every friend with one click on Facebook and to do this you needs to open your page > Tap to “Invite all Friends” option—you will see a pop up window opened on your device display. Hit”F12” key on the keyboard > A Console Window Box will appear on the display, copy the code below to activate the function.

“var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }”

Your suggested invitation text dispatched to all the members successfully.

So, these were the two most feasible tips for inviting every friend with one click on Facebook which will help you to send requests to all the members at the same time hitting a single stroke. We believe this way you effortlessly share your message/requests with your friends/ followers and it also consumes a much lesser time without any serious botheration even.

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