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iOS App Store Malware Attack: The Very First Major Breach In iOS App Store

Unethical malware and virus creators have been targeting almost all other major platforms for a while but as a fact, iOS App Store malware attack has been the very first major security breach in the company’s solid history of defense against such intruders. The discovery of this harmful attack has been found by the researchers at Palo Alto Networks describing the breach as one of the key malign penetration into Apple’s known-for-high-safety zone ever – the App Store. As soon as the findings were made of iOS App Store malware attack, Apple has taken an instantaneous action against the intruding evil to completely remove it from the platform. However, the effects of the iOS App Store malware attack is yet unknown.

Apple’s standard of security throughout these years have been regarded to keep its App Store and other platforms much safer, which is all due to a very rigorous reviewing procedure prior to submitting an application onto its platform. Sometimes an app or simply a tiny update may get weeks of reviewing before it’s finally accepted onto the App Store. Plus, to keep the security more tight, there is no other second alternative for the developers of the apps to get their application submitted onto the platform except the reviewing procedure that Apple has.

The iOS App Store malware attack, which is known as XcodeGhost, simply lefts a huge question mark for Apple’s app reviewers to answer as to how the malware has gotten through without even being detected by them or the system filters? However, one thing is already assumed by the researchers that most of the modified version of Apple’s Xcode uploaded on Baidu file sharing network is believed to be downloaded by many Chinese developers, seems to be a much political fact rather than a one with reason because of the tensions between China and America. So far as the detection rate examined by Palo Alto research facility, at least fifty different applications has been infected by the malware on the App Store. Some of the famous apps that are infected is WeChat, CamCard Scanner, WinZip, and others.


XcodeGhost Coding

With XcodeGhost iOS App Store malware attack, the authors of the culprit malware have gained direct access to the platform and even the devices where the infected apps are being installed. XcodeGhost will send back the data collected from the device such as system language, country, UUID, and the network type to the authors of the malware. This may in turn give you fake alerts, phishing attempts on your confidential info, and a possible hacking as well of the personal data.

However, the green signal for all users is this that the sandboxed format of iOS will make it much easier for the harmful malware to be discarded in case you uninstall the affected application within time as the culprit will go with it as well. Apple has already notified all of those developers who haven’t uploaded their apps to the platform after the iOS App Store malware attack.

For the iOS users, you need to have your apps verified by Palo Alto Network in order to ensure your apps are clean and safe from the malign. After the incident, Apple needs to ensure some more complex security wall within iOS, App Store, and Macs in order to secure their users and applications from all kinds of web-based harmful activities if they need to actually keep developers and consumers interested in the product anymore.

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