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Japan Pension System Hack: Exposure Of Millions Of Personal Data

Japan pension system hack – a brutal phishing attack by the hackers recently in the Japanese pension system left millions of personal data exposed to the hackers –. The hacking attack has been initiated via email attack and was first came live in news on June the 1st.

Japan pension system hack has revealed the personal details such as their birth dates, full names, addresses, and identification numbers of millions of Japanese who were taking pension from the system. With this highly immoral cyber-crime, all the above mentioned personal information of millions of Japanese were left to be exploited by the hackers for their humiliated endeavors.

This hack has been one of the biggest cyber-crime in the country’s all-time internet history. The hack took place exactly on 28th May but confirmed later on 1st June when almost 1.25 million people’s personal data has been compromised, more appropriately said hacked by the attackers.


Toichiro Mizushima (L), president of the Japan Pension Service, bows as he offers an apology during a news conference in Tokyo, in this photo taken by Kyodo June 1, 2015. Mandatory credit REUTERS/Kyodo

The Japan pension system hack happened by the opening of a malicious email from an employee of pension department accidentally and thus hacking of all of the personal data begun without stopping. All of the profiles and personal information of those who take pension from there was compromised by the hackers.

Soon after the hacking, the targeted computer was hurriedly isolated from there other systems so that no more damage should become to important info and files. However, the hackers are still unrecognized and there is still no concrete evidence if the central computer was hit by this phishing attack or no?

The attack has surely created countrywide tension in the public as well as in the pension department. Additionally, police and cyber-detective team has been setup to hunt down the criminals and to bring them to justice. We will have to wait and see what comes out of this inquiry.

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