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Laptop Buying Guide – Best Tips & Mistakes You Must Avoid

There are two types of persons. One buy gadgets without taking anything consideration and just making a decision randomly, mostly affected by the sales person. And, there is a second one, who research a bit (or a lot too, like me) and put a lot of things in consideration before making the purchase.

Well, this guide is for both types of persons, but mostly it is for the better for our first kind of person. Now, let’s just forget about this division and focus primarily on our laptop buying guide. I will include here the best tips and mistakes you must avoid.

Laptop Buying Guides

The main reason behind writing this guide is to help you get a better laptop considering all the points which affects most of the decisions in most of the scenarios.


Mistakes you must avoid

Mistakes should be the first thing you need should learn and that’s because if you are aware of mistakes then probably you don’t need any tips. If you can simply ignore them or take care of those common mistakes then you are already heading towards buying a perfect laptop for yourself.

First major mistake is that people don’t consider going with a branded and reputed company and choose a local vendor or the one which is newly introduced and marketing its product a lot.

You need to put your faith in the one which has been available in the market since years and actually research before producing a single product. You need to stay away from a company which manufactures dozens of products in a month or even a year. A good company will always come up with few products but they are going to be super awesome.

Next thing you need to consider checking is the warranty terms and conditions. No body gives any attention to this thing but it is crucial. Apple offers telephonic support, email support and the traditional service centre support. Dell offers all these support along with support at the home/your location as well. Like this, every brand offers something different, something more and less, and you need to take all these things into consideration.

The last thing you need to check is staying away from a company with more cons than pros. Check the RAM amount, storage amount, display quality, etc. All these things are part of both pros and cons, which totally depends on the quality of material being used.

There is one more thing left to be known which isn’t at the side of manufacturer. Rather, its at your end! You need to know the reason why you are actually going to utilise the laptop you are about to buy. Yes, you need to write down your needs and find whether you want it for business purpose, productive purpose, normal entertainment purpose, gaming purpose or just for surfing the internet and reading online content.

If you do this research at your end at good level then you can save yourself a lot of time, effort and also end up buying a perfect laptop which suits each and every need at your end.

Best Tips for Laptop Buying

As I said, once you are done with above mistakes, you will end up getting a better choice, in most of the cases. But, I am sure you can help yourself with few more best tips. It will not take any longer than 2-3 minutes to read along each of them.

Right at the beginning, you need to make a list of five best and most marketed brand in your country or city. Create that top five list and then start checking each and every company’s reputation in the market. You can find dozens of forums over the internet where users share their individual reviews. You can go through as many of them as you can and know things better.

Once you are done with the brand selection then you need to come at RAM storage. If you are buying the machine for normal purpose then go for 4GB model, for gaming and heavy usage, 8GB model will be good but anything higher is going to get you the most impressive personal computer. Don’t go for 2GB RAM models or anything less because 4GB is the initial storage required for better performance.

Display quality and graphic card driver and storage is the second thing. If Intel is the chipset used in the laptop then it doesn’t need an extra graphic card, unless you are buying for heavy gaming. The display should have at least HD resolution, while anything bigger is always better.

The motherboard and processor used inside should also be taken care of. In most of the cases I will recommend going with the Intel motherboard and processor combination, but you can also try motherboard of Asus. If gaming is the sole purpose of this expenditure then consider buying a laptop with at least 2GB of additional graphic card.

Also make sure that the processor being used is newly released. Technology is continuously getting better in the computing world and the more latest processor version you buy, the better it will be.

Next thing to consider is the software. Three software dominates the market, Windows, OS X (Mac) and Linux (also the Ubuntu). Windows is household entity but OS X is my favourite one. Each of them are good and capable of offering great computing powers. For normal usage, go for Windows (also for gaming purpose), for productivity, go for OS X, and if you are a developer then go for Linux one.

Last thing remaining to check is the build quality. Apple is the only brand which never manufacturers a single MacBook (name of their laptop) with poor build quality. The quality is always the top notch and so does the design. Dell and HP also has some top of the line laptops with better build quality.

So, that’s it guys from my side! If you want to know anything else then write it in the comment section and I will come up with a proper and helpful answer ASAP.

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