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Li-Fi: Basic Linux Light Bulb Technology Overview

If you have been using Wi-Fi and started to believe that this is finally the halting place for wireless internet technology to take its eternal rest than you are sure as hell living still in the 1990s. Take that! Just last week Disney’s researchers have successfully revealed a very novel technology; the next-generation prototype of Wi-Fi; Li-Fi which is simply known as Linux Light Bulb technology – a novel protocol for carrying out communication over the web by actually using it. Also known by its second name VLC technology: the technology has the potential to communicate with all types of wearable devices as it is confirmed by the Disney’s scientist. So, let me give you a basic Linux Light Bulb technology overview here in brief.

Basics of Linux Light Bulb technology

According to the experiments that the scientists have done so far, it is quite within the realms of possibility to use Li-Fi as an alternative to the much celebrated Wi-Fi technology since it has the ability to communicate with other compatible devices which indeed opens up the space for using a light to actually transfer data to several devices. This kind of experiment at Disney’s lap is certainly not a new one but indeed a very thoroughly done then most of the experiments before. However, the concept of using light for data transmission is out there for a while now and many scientists around the globe has done some remarkable experiments upon it.


Linux Light Bulb Technology Explained

With the empowerment of using Li-Fi as communication service with VLC devices, it opens up a new era where scientific visionaries are seeing the possibility of having a much faster data transmission service being applied generally for the purpose of accessing wireless internet. However, like every other technology out there that has its advantages and disadvantages; while Linux Light Bulb technology give much better speed, but it certainly has very restricted limitations as of now.

The sole reason is due to the physical availability of light that is feasible for web-based of things. This in return lets the technology suffer more due to limited proximity circumstances as well. But nonetheless, every novel technology always has its more downs then ups in the beginning, say, virtual reality, which is currently the hottest trend of tech world today with its respectable complexities as well, let us be hopeful and keep our fingers crossed that as the time goes by such hurdles will finally be put to death.

Working of the Linux Light Bulb Technology


Using Linux Light Bulbs as Li-Fi service

The theory of data transmission through Linux Light Bulb technology is based upon the new form of light bulbs available today known as light-emitting diode, or most famously and commonly as LEDs, have the ability to become a communication medium. Disney’s lab experiments with these tiny yet powerful illuminations shows us that one can easily send or receive visible signals by using the technology, controlled and operated via VLC protocol controller software. It needs a specific board, chips, and power supply to operate which is only available to some experimenting scientists alone as of now.

Possibilities for the future of Linux Light bulb technology

Well yes! The technologically advance future have some great and amazing visions for us to enjoy as of now and among those visions one can see the possible integration of Linux Light Bulb technology in our daily lives as well. Among the most probable scenarios, people can one day use VLC technology as automatic door openers attached with their light sensors to lock or unlock the doors.

This functionality might be used right from your Smartphones to actually see the visitor and take decisions as to whether to open the door or not with the help of some apps specifically designed for its use. These systems can prove especially beneficial for the security of homes, hotels, banks, or some important governmental institutions.

Of course, the possibility of using Linux Light Bulb technology for internet seems endless in my view since as the time goes by many of the current obstacles will be well dealt and eliminated and all there is left to enjoy is a superfast speed of web-based data transfer.

Among various future possibilities there is one for sending fast alert or emergency messages by using Linux Light Bulb technology as well across an entire village or a city. The possibilities are just beginning to get into the mind while the framework for the platform is still under development.

So, I safely assume that a couple of years from now on, we will be using Li-Fi or Linux Light Bulb technology in our daily lives for various purposes of entertainment as well as other important aspects too. Just wait and watch what the modern science can unveil with this brand new technique in the coming days.

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