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List Of All Bios Accessing Keys

Bios tend to be the most logically advanced and full controlling software inside your PC from which nothing in the PC is hidden or unmanageable. In other words, if the processor is PC’s brain, you control that brain and all the parts of the PC most effectively through Bios. However, there is a bit of confusion when the point of accessing the Bios comes because every motherboard maker has their own set of assigned keys for accessing Bios. But worry not! Here in this article is the list of all Bios accessing keys by almost every major motherboard manufacturer in the world today so that you can easily access the Bios of your PC regardless of its make. The keys defined in this list of Bios accessing keys are quite accurate and prompt and will take you into the Bios of your PC in no time. So let’s checkout the list of all Bios accessing keys available.

List Of All Bios Accessing Keys Today

Before I begin to reveal you the separate Bios accessing keys for every major motherboard manufacturer, I would personally like first to let you acquainted with what is supposed to be the most common Bios accessing keys in modern personal computers. These are as follows:

  • Del
  • F12
  • Esc
  • F10
  • F2
  • F1

So now the common keys are covered let us proceed to the full list of all Bios accessing keys by every key motherboard manufacturer today.

Manufacturers                                                         Bios Accessing Key

AsusDel, F10 and Ins
MSI (Micro-Star)Del
PCChipsF1 and Del
Mach SpeedDel
ECS ElitegroupF1 or Del
TyanF4 and Del
ShuttleCtrl+Alt+Esc and Del
Super MicroDel


So, these are today’s standard All Bios accessing keys for every major motherboard maker listed here. Well, definitely it is reasonable to believe that there may be several other manufacturers in this world who may have their own set of Bios accessing keys as well but it would be totally unreasonable to include them all here in this little article. So, if you have a PC which is neither from any of the above-mentioned motherboard creators (a least likely thing) you can additionally look inside the manual comes with your PC or search the manufacturer site on the web for guidance on accessing Bios. However, do let us know in the comments is any of these keys has helped you in accessing your PC’s Bios.

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