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Making Android Safer For Kids

Most of us used to handover our Smartphones to our kid’s for one or the other reason. Few of them can be to keep them silent or amused. Your Android is a useful device for them even, it help introduce your kids to lots of informative and educational apps. But the question is how to keep the Android safe from any kind of physical harm in their hands due to its misuse or wrong handling? This is the key issue today I will try to answer in this write up in order to making Android safer for kids.

Setting Up User Accounts

Lollipop installed Handsets offer you some features that help serve this purpose in a much similar manner what Mac or Windows extends supports to their end users. To keep your important things protected on Android, go into Settings > Scroll and select “Users”, then click succeeding display— app suggestions will appear on the screen > select your preferred app to customize and secure all saved accounts and saved data from any harm due to its misuse.

Its different ball game to run Android Lollipop on your handset and the same on your Tablet/laptops. In your Android handset you can prevent unwanted access to calls and SMS segment using setting gear located adjacent to user account name, while on remaining table devices you need to generate a restricted account with strict security controls. Here you should select what apps can and what can’t run on your system to prevent your kid’s from causing harm to your apps due to its misuse.

Pinning App Control

This is another option from our tips for making Android safer for kids in your magic box that can help keep your required stuff safe from innocent destruction. To do this operation visit Settings—Select Security > Screen Pinning > Activate PIN Unlock. This way all unwanted accesses to apps will be prevented.

Click Overview to select desired apps to pin. If you find them in the middle of the display, you’ll see a small Pin Key down right corner of your Androids screen > Select it to finish the operation. It helps if you want to allow your kids their access to a particular App. However, to move anywhere else it needs to open the Pin to allow them access to some other areas of your phone features as well.

Individual Apps

In the series of these tips for making android safer for kids, it’s for your kind information that most of the apps asks your permission to change their settings to a certain levels only. For any required maneuvering, you need to go to the Play Store > Click Settings, here you can see the options in your hands to customize the app settings. Keep in mind that your Google password will be required to do so.

If it can’t help, you might try installing any 3rd party useful app as well, and the “Child-Mode” is best of the options available there. To avoid mess, it offers an access to a restricted number of games. Another useful App “Parental Control” also do the trick in similar manner. It creates a restricted shell on your Android system for your kid’s limited access to certain games only.

Another useful kid’s restriction related app is “Net Nanny”. It controls the browser activity rather to employ preventive controls over an app. It used to replace default browser with an offered one that help restrict access of your kid to any unwanted site or content. It’s meant especially for grown up kids who are Smartphone crazy.

So, are these tips enough for now? I bet it should until you have tried all of these tips in making Android safer for kids. I will continue to inform more exciting ways by which you can get the most out of your Android as well as keep it safe and highly in good position.

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