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Managing Android Apps and Memory

App management in your Android phone can enhance your Android’s experience significantly. Managing apps on your device is directly linked to its internal storage facility as well since whatever you would download or take shots if any, it all goes to store in your androids memory. So, in a nutshell, managing Android apps and memory is the key enhance your pleasure of using your Smartphone. In the lines below I will elaborate some tips and tricks for managing Android apps and memory that will do the work for you.

Keep in mind that manufacturer’s claims for offered internal storage is not guaranteed to be as accurate as told. Their claims are always a yard short of what they say regarding memory capacity of your device, and it’s obvious too, as your device needs to consume some memory space while preparing for operation. View the storage settings of your device for better understanding as here you can see how much memory your phone is consuming while it’s in an idle mode and what memory remain available for your on-device operations if any.

How to Clear Junk to Restore Memory of Your Device?

In the process of managing Android apps and memory, you can check internal data consumption of your Smartphone effortlessly. Every phone has a memory library called “Cache”, a big consumer of memory storage. Different Makers offer diverse options for cache storage, see operating manual of your device for better understanding. However, you can check cache under the heads of “Application Manager” or “Application” in most top Brands. Here you can check and delete Cache from different Apps on your device.

The Application Manager

Here is some ways that can help out you to better use your Application Manager App.


The best way to reduce load on your Androids storage system is to uninstall all the apps that you’re not using at all, or using very rarely. For uninstalling process follow the commands of your device, or check with user manual of your Android phone.

Use SD Card for Storage

Another tip that can help you in managing Android apps and memory is to move your maximum internal storage data to mounted SD card. This way you also reduce the load of storage on internal storage of your device. It will looks puzzling for you, but it certainly help improve the performance of your Smartphone as there is always a free internal storage space will be available that augment its smooth working.

Erase unnecessary Data

By clearing all the running data in any App will help you to reduce the unnecessary burden on your Smartphone storage facility. However, take care of saved games or other valued items prior to do the operation.

Vacant the Cache

Last but not the least in managing Android apps and memory tricks is to vacant the Cache from your Android handset, this is as we already described a Storage Library, clear it up from time to time to keep your device in good working condition with ample working space available in it. This way you can block any non-functional App for sure, this can elevate storage capacity of your device as well.

Above mentioned all the tips and tricks help improve the performance of your Android phone and help eradicating unnecessary data from your handset. Do it today to get out of the best from your Android handset.

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