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Top 12 Material Designing Android Apps

The ever changing world of technology is ready to evolve ways for apps on Google play store to bring most updated features as lots of developers trying their best to add unique features to their apps with using “Material Apps Philosophy”. This article meant to introduce you to top 12 material designing Android apps that will help developers to work with most updated apps.


Top 12 Material Designing Android Apps

Feedly Reader

It’s a superb third-party Feedly Reader app for smartphone’s that works at its best. It offers a bunch of themes to select one that best suits your job. Following connecting your Feedly account, it automatically synchronize all account settings to your pre-defined ones. They also offer paid fresh feeds from the app as well.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is 2nd from our list of top 12 material designing Android apps. It’s a tremendous calendar related app that offer developers a lots of options to design their calendars. For example it offers diverse weekly, monthly, and half weekly outlook options. Apart from this you can avail a schedule outlook to see all of your upcoming schedules in a quick succession. It offers an added support to all its Gmail users with synchronizing all their Gmail posted schedules by design as well.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is yet another very handy app designed for Android phones and Tablets. It’s a lightweight, swift, and customizable exceptional app. Its pro account extends lots of additional help to its users for theme support from other launchers along with lively gestures, added animations, and widget alternatives even.

Price – Free / $3.99


It’s yet another well-liked battery saver and performance enhancer app for Android phones. It works to hibernate all the apps when they’re resting in idle state. Though, this app supports both regular and rooted handsets equally but still it works far better with rooted devices. It offers free and paid version for its users.

Price – Free/ $2.99


Pocket is yet another superb web content saving app from our top 12 material designing Android apps. You can download and save any article or articles and videos for offline reading and watching by using this app. It’s a totally free app offering a commanding integration with lots of apps/sites that enables you to save content or video from wide variety of sources.

Google Messenger

This is an effortless app for MMS and SMS sending feature with lots of enticing options. Google Messenger supports 4.1 Android systems and above. This app used to send and receive videos, pictures and text, with archive facility as well. It offers a blocking feature to block unwanted individuals so you won’t be disturbed by them. This superb app is available for free to all its users.

CM QuickPic

This is an effortless Media related app which offers lots of customizing options. QuickPic also offers a video playback and cloud album features such as Flicker and Picasa with cloud backed up services. This facility also extends to Dropbox and Google Drive as well. For all CM account holders, it offers a 1000 GB of cloud storage facility as well.

Pocket Casts

The 8th app of today is Pocket Casts and it has been considered a best podcast app for an Android by many a pro. It offers you all what a top material-designed app can offer and have lots of handy features as well. You can bring in your obtainable paid podcasts from an OPML file or search podcasts straight from an app. It supports sync amid cloud backup and your device, along with supporting audio filters, Chromecast and effects too.

PRICE $2.99

Reddit Sync

It’s our devoted Reddit patron on Android system; Reddit Sync is a top name in the game with several enticing features. Though they have tough competition from a couple of solid alternatives, but due to their swift Sub-Reddit format it is still preferred app for most expert developers. It offers a very lucid material design Interface with best swipe exploits as well. It’s a free app that offers you lots of other features as well such as supporting a nighttime theme and multiple account facility etc.

Weather Timeline

This app from our Top 12 material designing Android apps is meant for accurate color pattern oriented weather forecasting app. It stands on Google Play Store with top class 4.7 rating. Forecasts displayed in a “Timeline Format” that enables you to check hourly expected weather of the day, week, and for months as well.

Price $1.99

Google Keep

Its Google’s exclusive note-taking app that works to manage your “To Do List & Notes”. It syncs your notes and to do list to all other places associated with your Android device, such as your laptop and PC. It facilitates position based reminders; add color labels for effortless sorting of desired notes as well.

Nova Launcher

The last from our top 12 material designing Android apps is the famous Nova Launcher, a high rated third party launcher indeed. It furnishes your handset with a very alluring material look and offers a lots of customized alternatives as well that help you to tune your themes to a touch of class.

Price Free/ $1.99

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