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Microsoft Free Wi-Fi Service Leaked

Our topic of discussion today is the latest leak of Microsoft free Wi-Fi service. The service is now hosted by Microsoft freely for their customers on a global scale. This service has been leaked quite recently by the leak of their website MicrosoftWifi.com that has been active for a couple of moments recently without any official press release issued on Microsoft’s website regarding the launch of Microsoft free Wi-Fi service. The short period in which the website was made active got caught up with numerous journalists; thus the program was fully unleashed onto the web.

The website which provides this free Wi-Fi service by Microsoft is MicrosoftWifi.com. The website was made active for a short session before going inactive again, most probably to check how the system is working. Right now, if you open the site you will see a message written there that Microsoft Wi-Fi (coming soon). The undertaking of this project is to actually facilitate millions of people around the world with a trouble-free and safe Wi-Fi service, which will be shortly launched to all genuine Microsoft consumers.


The service will require an application (provided by Microsoft) in order to connect a user to the free Wi-Fi servers around the world. In the brief moment when the website went live there was this message on it by Microsoft, “Avoid wasting your time by providing personal info and filling up various forms or even handling different transferors to get access. Sign in only once and you will get access to a huge range of Wi-Fi providers globally.”

Hence, this is what all is available now about this Microsoft free Wi-Fi service to its users all over the world. We hope that in near future this Microsoft free Wi-Fi service goes live for their customers. As it will be first made available for exclusive Microsoft customers and then to all of the other operating systems. Please let us know your thoughts about in the comments and share this update if you enjoyed this piece of tech news.

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