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Top Money Saving Cloud Storage Services

Since few days, Cloud storage has been on the news for all the mistaken motives. Recently Microsoft slashes there offered OneDrive membership program because many individuals considered “unlimited” as “really un-capped” and the try to load all their videos devoid of considering the capacity of storage. However, this service still continues to be a best affordable method of saving your data online and on instances you may get loads free. Now allow me to share some of the least expensive cloud applications that won’t cost your wallet much.

Beware: though every cloud service will give its best efforts to protect your data, but it is advised to store on more than on cloud services for the real production of your data: it helps ensure the proper backing up of your valued data.

Top Money Saving Cloud Storage Services: Google Drive

Google Drive has given 5GB space to all its users for free of cost, but if you need additional storage space for your data, charges will begin from$1. 99 monthly for 100 GB, which goes up to $9. 99 monthly for 1 TB. If still you’re looking for storage space there is a 30 TB program that will charge you a total of $299. 99 a month as well.

Google drive space could also be employed by Google photos and Gmail, although it is not used for every single purpose. What else you want, if you’re generated documents bear Google doc likes on it, this way you can utilize extra cloud storage without paying a penny. Always keep in mind that the Google docs storage space are not available unlimited for free, the pictures you will add by Google docs shouldn’t be larger than 16 MP as well as the video clips shouldn’t be more than 1080P.

Top Money Saving Cloud Storage Services: Dropbox

Dropbox free service offer only 2 GB which looks rather small! However, you can still get up to 16 GB simply by promoting their name in your friends &family circle. Recently Dropbox has revised the rate of their 1TB pro service; it has been reduced to a total of 9. 99$ monthly. The key feature of Dropbox is its wide-ranged app support to hundreds of apps.

Top Money Saving Cloud Storage Services: OneDrive

Though the unlimited storage service of MS might have been/has been abolished, but you can enjoy working on one drive with a handsome amount of cloud storage facilities. Its offers a free storage up to 5 GB, and the price service begins from $1. 99 for 50 GB monthly and $6. 99 for 1 TB monthly. Nevertheless, one Drive is a transforms its services a bit, with demolishing their 15 GB bonus plan that consumer get by allowing for regular camera uploads, which indicates that we should be very careful relying on it too much. There’s no surety about Microsoft won’t cut the limits, any time instead?

Top Money Saving Cloud Storage Services: Copy

A copy is a well-liked app that everyone needs on one or another working schedule; it helps give your stuff a backup support to the Cloud. It’s not a simple backup facility! It works to help you in folder sharing and image storage as well. It also integrates with Chromecast to display media onto your TV set even. You will allow a great 15 GB data storage free of cost as well. With priced offers, you can avail a 250GB for $4.99/month, or $9.99 for 1TB/month. While in the case of yearly subscription you need to pay just $49 and $99 for the respective services.

Top Money Saving Cloud Storage Services: Box

This is a business-focused app; it offers two alternatives, a cost-free version that will give you 10GB of volume and 100GB/month for just $10! It seems a high priced solution, particularly when you look towards the offers of Google and Dropbox.

Top Money Saving Cloud Storage Services: Mega

With a 50GB enormous storage space! Mega has turned the tides of free storage facilities. Mega have extends an offer of 200GB storage in mere $499/month. Your files are converting a text into the code to encode computer data. Mega is a subsidiary of a rather less-known megauplaod.com, now it is running under the administration of copyright cops. It’s simply a splendid app all the time in the world! However, at times it is completely infuriating as well.

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