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Most Exciting New Features of Android M

Just a couple of days ago, Google has announced the release of its new celebrated OS for smartphones, the Android M. At the annual Google I/O developer’s conference in June 2015 at San Francisco, Google’s VP of products Sundar Pichai stated that Android M OS will be focused on augmented stability and usability. However, Google haven’t decided yet as to which dessert or pastry name shall be given to its new powerful mobile OS. But at the conference Google has indeed given the preview of some exciting features that will come with Android M which will said to take user’s entertainment on the next level. So, let us explore the most exciting new features of Android M that will be rocking our phones soon.

Android Pay

In an effort to make checkouts and payment procedures much easier and convenient for their users, Google has announced the integration of Android pay in the next Android M OS for the smartphones. According to Google the Android pay system will be supported across 700,000 stores in the USA and it will be accepted on any payment system that works with NFC.

Application permissions

In the current version of Android OS you have to accept all the accesses an app requires from you but in Android M you will be able to revoke permissions as you like. This feature will be very helpful in various circumstances where users might not like to web-services to access a certain feature of their mobile phone.

Fingerprint functionality

Those phones that will be using Android M as their OS will have extended “Fingerprint” feature support as a standard in the OS. This new feature will be used both for unlocking as well as using Android pay services on the device. However, in order to run this feature your phone must have “Fingerprint” hardware availability in it.

Custom Chrome Tabs

With Android M as your OS, you will be able to enjoy a much richer web experience with Chrome Custom Tabs. You can see a webpage inside an app without switching off your Chrome browser. Google will continue to run upside on the app whenever you click any link in the application to view certain web page without having to close it at all.

Application links

In Android M you will have the freedom to link from one application to another one without having to go online at all in-between. Google has created a special authentication system in Android M which will take the user direct to the authentic webpage of an application from inside the app. If for example you click some link that refers to Pinterest then be sure that you will head to Pinterest only in Android M none other than that on some phishing or malicious site.

Automatic Application Backup

Android M gives an automatic backup feature of the apps that you use on your device direct into your Google Drive account. Therefore, in case you accidentally remove an app, you can download it again from the drive with same credentials as it was setup before. However, until the full version of Android M will be released the backup size will be limited to only 25MB.

Direct Share

This is a novel functionality introduced for the first time with Android M. With “Direct Share” you will be able to directly share all of your content right to your most used contacts and apps with just a click. The Android M will intelligently learn about those channels automatically where you post your content a lot of times a day and places it top of the list of direct share so that you can easily post without searching. A smart move indeed!

So, these were some of the most exciting new features of Android M that will be the delight of Android users soon.

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