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Top 10 Most Powerful Web Browser for Your Mac Operating System

I am aware of the fact that Apple products are marvelous. They are fast, performing and reliable. But, not every product coming out from their factory is the top notch in competition with other products available in the market, by other vendors. A great example to prove this is the Apple Safari. It is a default web browser which comes with every Mac system and it promise to be the fastest one. But, it’s not!

Although, it is the best web browser if you want to take care of battery of your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. This is the browser which can help you surf for longer than any other, at least for 8-10 hours, easily. This is the only benefit of using Safari.

So, for better performance and speed, you need to look for alternatives. And, here I am sharing the top 10 most powerful web browser for your Mac operating system i.e. the OS X. Not every web browser which I am going to mention here are available on the App Store. So, you need to grab their installation package from their official website and install them.

Don’t worry, none of them is going to be a waste decision since each of them is genuine and used by at least thousands of users around the world. Also, if you think that a browser is best for Windows, then it is not going to work in the same fashion on OS X. There is only one browser which is on top position for both the platforms, of which I am going to let you know in the upcoming part.

10 Most Powerful Web Browser for Your Mac Operating System

This guide is just a compilation and I will try to add individual details as well. But, you need to make your decision on your own. You have to decide which browser to choose from these and if possible, write it down in the discussion section. Yes, about the choice you have made and the experience you have after using.

#1 Google Chrome

If you always want to surf the web at the fastest speed possible, then consider using Chrome. This is the software which offers the premium look, simplicity, and fastest possible speed. The only thing you will not like it is that it’s very power and CPU resources consuming. That means you need to have a latest generation system working under the hood. Also, it is counted among the most secure browsers known till now.


#2 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is my second choice because it offers good surfing speed, faster downloading, simple, elegant and unique user interface and still focuses on depending lesser on CPU resources. It doesn’t consume a lot of battery life of your Mac. So, if you are looking for an alternative which doesn’t cost on battery life and CPU resources then always consider using Firefox.


#3 Opera

Opera is always been the third stand in web browsers and it comes without any cost. It offers good performance, faster surfing and better download manager. The home page offers certain features which are unique like offering news digest according to your taste, etc. If you own a smartphone then Opera Mini is the one, you should be using.


#4 Safari

This is the default web browser which you don’t need to download and install. It comes pre-installed as the default browser in every Mac. It offers unique layout, better performance, the best battery life, but comparatively slow browsing speed. It is never been the number one browser for Mac platform and it is still under the shadow of above-mentioned options.


#5 Torch

It is based on Chromium source code, the same which Google Chrome uses. It offers a similar interface with a similar level of performance and other features, but there are certain additional benefits of using it. It integrates a torrent downloader, social share, and many other tools which can save your system from other software needed to perform those actions, which this browser itself can do.


#6 RocketMelt

If Facebook is the only thing you use your system, or mostly for it, then consider using RocketMelt. It offers the best Facebook integration and you even need to login with an FB account in order to unlock and experience every feature offered inside. UI is cool and the social integration is pretty deep. You should try it once and I am sure you will not regret the decision.


#7 Maxthon Web Browser

This is a name known since years and every expert is going to recommend this option any day. It is small in size yet offering respectable surfing and downloading speed. Particularly on Mac, the experience it offers is above-par. It also comes with a Cloud storage integrated for additional benefits.


#8 OmniWeb

If you demand a lot of tools and extensions in a browser then start using OnmiWeb because it comes with a lot of tools inbuilt or as standard. UI is little ugly due to the inclusion of so many tools, but if you want to look for better functionality then this is where you should be looking at.


#9 Flock Web Browser

This software uses Firefox 3 technology, the same which is used in Firefox web browser and so offers similar interface. There are a lot of additional features and tools offered inside. This is just an alternative to Firefox, just like Torch is for Chrome.


#10 Camino Web Browser

Last but not the least, Camino can be your internet surfing tool if you want a Mac only solution and praises the Firefox platform too much. Yes, it is not available for any other platform and uses the Firefox platform for smoother, faster and elegant experience.


Make your call now

Now it’s time for you to make the final call. I have enlisted the best web browsers available for OS X platform and I am pretty sure that you don’t need any other alternative out of these 10. Each of them is unique and has its pros and cons. So, decide yours and let me know your experience in the discussion section. Also, you can share this compilation with all your friends using a Mac. Peace.

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