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Top 5 2015 Android Apps

While every month we see loads of apps published on Android platform for millions of users worldwide to enjoy several services and content. But perhaps a very few of those apps have the ability to make way into the hearts of thousands of users around the world, slowly getting a reputable position for the developers. So, with a few such types of apps, here I bring to you top 5 October 2015 Android apps that are held to be one of the most successful thus far in these final days of 2015. Some of these apps might sound similar, but with added enhancements, and some of them would be new to you and exciting as well. So let’s take a brief look into these apps and see how they can be useful as well as entertaining to us.

Here Are Top 5 October 2015 Android Apps

Flush – An Exciting App To Locate Public Toilets

To begin our countdown of top 5 October 2015 Android apps, here I give you something that is as exciting as it sounds, and was probably never achieved before as well. Flush is an app that is designed to specifically locate public toilets located in your surroundings on a 3D satellite-view map. The app consists of several options which would prove helpful to you in locating a nearest public toilet or even a restroom so at times of some urgency you can expect a great help by Flush. Imagine you are somewhere on a street and in the middle of all rush your bodily functions presses you too much for an outlet? This is where Flush will be your best friend in all the world.

Intel Remote Keyboard – The Best Out There Yet

Intel is amazingly making waves in Android app realm as well as being a respectable hardware giant. The following app among the top 5 October 2015 Android apps list is a great remote keyboard app developed by Intel for Android users. You can use this app to remotely control your PC mouse and keyboard right from your Android smartphone. However, designed specifically for mini Intel PC’s but you can use it with any PC at all that’s on the same network as your Android phone. You will find Intel Remote Keyboard app a very valuable application when it comes to tackle your PC’s mouse/keyboard from Android.

Khan Academy – Immense Learning & Knowledge On Android

Khan Academy is a project that provides a through collection of audio and video tutorials on a lot of things for Android learners right on their smartphones. This institution was first started on 2006. Khan Academy covers majorly the sciences, math’s, and physics subjects, but additional courses can also be found. With a collection of more than 10, 000 videos, Khan Academy is indeed a major learning authority on Android platform. Furthermore, the app is completely free to use, what more a knowledge-seeker can ask for?

Adobe Photoshop Mix – An Android Prototype Of Photoshop

This has to be the most effective app for all those graphic designers who love to use Photoshop on their PC’s; now on Android with Adobe Photoshop Mix as well. This app has stand as one of the best among top 5 October 2015 Android apps in the category of photo-editing apps. With Photoshop mix, you can do some remarkable re-editing of your selected images on your Android handset with several options to choose from as well as support for numerous picture formats. Additionally, Photoshop mix can sync with its PC counterpart by using Adobe’s Creative Cloud enabling you to do some advanced editing with just a few taps on your smartphone’s screen.

JustWatch – Another Entertainment App

So finally we move onto the last app from our list of top 5 October 2015 Android apps and this app is usually the familiar-niche one – Entertainment –. JustWatch app is designed to bring to you a quota of movies and TV shows to watch on your Android app without breaking the code of law. This is a dedicated app for watching TV shows and movies on Android and iOS as well. JustWatch shows you a collection of links to where you can watch your content online with best and cheapest price, and you can even rent movies/TV shows as well. Some of the most popular locations you can find in JustWatch are Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now, etc. The search features is extremely powerful and give you great many details about the movies or TV shows you see. Worth trying indeed!

So, these were the top 5 October 2015 Android apps that are doing very smooth and fine in the current month’s ranking of apps on Google Play Store. Be sure to check them out and let us know your feedback in the comments on how do you find these apps to be?

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