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MovieBox Alternatives

To be honest, there is no better alternative to MovieBox. This is not because of UI or any other thing, rather it’s because of the wide variety of content available on the application for free. But, this application has got a lot of limitations. On Android devices it can be installed using its APK file but when it comes to iOS, the process is like a roller-coaster.

Sometimes, the app is available and works fine, sometimes it crashes and sometimes it is no longer available. That’s the story of MovieBox and that’s the reason why you should be looking for its alternative. Here is guide on MovieBox alternative covering an app to watch free movies on iOS 8.1.3 and up without needing a jailbreak.

That’s right! You read the right sentence and you are about to get an application installed which is going to work at this current moment. Again, there is no guarantee that this alternative which I am going to share over here will be available in future.

This is because, Apple’s privacy policies and standards are always changing. They do it to protect the privacy and security of their devices but it cost on these free but useful applications. Since they offer paid and copyright content for free, they break laws and Apple doesn’t support any such thing.

MovieBox Alternative

There is one application which is currently available on the App Store of the iOS. The app is named Cloud Movies and luckily it comes without any price tag. You don’t need to pay anything for using any of its service. There are still few paid features inside but of course you are allowed to ignore them.


Cloud Movies is the app which works just like MovieBox, but it lacks when it comes to media content volume. When it comes MovieBox, it got hundreds of shows, movies to watch for free, but in case of Cloud Movies, the number is very limited, not even close to one hundred.

But, since the recent released version of iOS has patched a lot of issues and back doors, MovieBox cannot be installed through the method we earlier followed did manage to find success. This clearly leave us helpless and with Cloud Movies application. Since, Cloud Movies is available at the official App Store, so no jailbreak is required and it works fine on iOS 8.1.3.

This alternative app works fine and looks good. If you can limit yourself with the limited content then I am sure you are no longer going to hate it. Also, it’s time that we look at the real factor here and stay comfortable with whatever we are getting. If you really wanted that level of freedom, then Android devices are just one click away from you.

Buy any high-end or middle-end Android smartphone or tablet, and you will be having a lot of freedom than an Apple device. Of course, it comes at a cost of privacy and security issues, but if you can use it as a secondary device i.e. not at all for your primary and personal purposes, then you need not to worry about anything and enjoy using MovieBox or ShowBox or any other application available for the platform.

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