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MovieBox App For iPad/iPhone, Movie Box App on PC Mac/Windows

If you want to use MovieBox from computer then you need to go along the method I am about to share in this guide. In the starting itself, I should share one thing which is very important. There are many guides available over the internet which are claiming to provide MovieBox installer file for Windows and Mac platform. But, you need to stay as far as you can.

This is because those apps are not the official one and chances are there that you may end up getting a virus or malware for sure. There is no chance you can get the Android or iOS version of the application installed for Windows or Mac through those guides.


I did a lot of research and found it myself. That’s why I am sharing a safe and secure method. A method which is going to help you get the original Android app of MovieBox installed and ready to be used on both Windows or Mac platform.

Download MovieBox for iPad/iPhone

I have already shared a complete and detailed guide on how to download and install MovieBox for iPhone and iPad. You need to check that out and in a very few minutes, the app will be working at your end.

You can find the detailed guide over here.

I hope you follow it and get the best process working at your end to install MovieBox app right away.

MovieBox App on PC (Mac/Windows)

This is a little lengthy process but it will still be ending up within five minutes (maximum). The process requires a computer running either Windows or Mac, even laptop for the case with 4GB or more RAM, free storage left in C Drive for the app and its content and HD standard of graphics driver and that too of latest version. Together, it forms a perfect PC for the app to work.

Once you have confirmed that the system at your end is compatible with these requirements you can begin going through following set of instructions.

  • First of all, you have to download an Android emulator installer package. BlueStacks is the only one which is available for both Windows and Mac platform and you don’t need to pay anything for it. You will find it over here, at its official website.
  • After the installer package is downloaded, in the form of .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac, you need to click on the same. In Windows, click on Run option and start going through on screen instructions, while in case of Mac, you need to put the app’s icon into Application folder and then start going through on screen instructions.


  • During the installation, BlueStacks will download certain data from its servers and it will require an active internet connection. Make sure the speed offered is good otherwise it can take longer than usual.
  • After the installation is over, run the software and no onwards the process is same for both Windows and Mac platform. Start the BlueStacks using its app launcher shortcut.


  • 3Once it’s running, you will be asked to login with a Google account. Do that accordingly and use a Google account only. Once login is done, synchronisation feature is enabled.
  • At the home screen of BlueStacks, you will see a search tool. Click on that and it will open up in full screen mode. Now use the search tool to open Browser app. It will be installed within BlueStacks.
  • Once you found the app, then open it. Now, use the browser to first open Google search engine.
  • Now, use the search engine to find ‘MovieBox APK’. Use this term and click on first website you found. Download the APK file from there.
  • Once the file is downloaded completely, you will get a notification for the same. After getting the notification, click on that and a new pop-up will appear.
  • Select the ‘Install’ option from the pop-up and the MovieBox application will begin installing. It will take less than a minute to complete.
  • Now just like you found Browser app, you can find MovieBox application.

Cheers! The process is over and I hope it wasn’t that hard to go through this. You should share this guide if it helped you so that it can help other people in your social connections as well. I am sure everyone in your network won’t mind using MovieBox this way and watching hundreds of movies, and TV-shows for free.

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