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MovieBox not opening on iOS 8? This is how to fix it

Once you have installed MovieBox on iOS running devices, then you must have been experiencing few hiccups while travelling inside. Performance issues cause These hiccups, but there are still things available which can solve them out with ease. Here is your guide on how to fix MovieBox is not opening on iOS 8 issue.

MovieBox Not Opening on iOS 8 – How to Fix?

Since, the majority of the active Apple devices are running on iOS 8 version, so a broad majority of people are facing this trouble. The fix available is simple, and I am going to share the same over here. You need to go through the process I am going to describe now and don’t skip any part of it.


  1. After the app crashes, you need first to close it, yes kill it from the task manager.
  2. Killing it won’t do everything, so you have to Force Quit the application. I am sure you are familiar with this process.
  3. Move into Settings part of your iOS 8 running iPhone or iPad.
  4. Under the General tab there, move into Date and Time setting.
  5. Turn OFF the automatic time and date update and set the date to September 1, 2014. Keep the time anything you want.
  6. Go back to home screen now.
  7. Again, move into Date and Time setting and now set the Automatic update i.e. Turn it ON.

Done! Once you turn ON the automatic update again and launch MovieBox afterwards, it will not crash. You will be able to use it without any issues at the moment, and that’s how easy it was.

The process was smooth, but it looked silly, right? There is a reason this simple thing did the trick and why we have to disable and re-enable the same function to fix it.

That process did the trick because MovieBox app crashed due to the expiration of its certificates. Disabling and re-enabling the automatic time and date update i.e. changing it, inputs a fresh set of certificates for the app and this stops it from crashing any further.

You need to perform the same process anytime the app crashes. I hope it was simple enough that you are going to remember it for the rest of your time using this MovieBox application.

Once you are done with the process, you are no longer going to face any such issue, and I am sure this guide helped you in achieving that peace, which was affected by this crashing problem.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution for it and that may be because the app isn’t available officially at the App Store. This may be the reason it wasn’t made official, and that’s the reason the developer made it available through their process.

Anyways, the app offers a variety of media content and that too without any price tag, which is enough for us to keep on using it. I hope you can live with that simple issue after knowing it’s easy solution. Share your thoughts!

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